Basata warns bickering Bongo Flava artistes

Wednesday April 14 2021
Basata pic
By The Citizen Reporter

The social media is awash with a contest with rumors of singer Harmonize sending a nude to his former flame Kajala’s daughter, something that has riled former WCB label mate Rayvanny.

The singers as a result have released songs either condemning or claiming innocence and to a certain extent throwing shades at each other for the video that has shaken the different divides of Bongo Flava.

In the wake of these exchanges the National Arts Council (Basata) has warned, saying they are deeply saddened by the events and dynamics of Tanzanian artists on social media who promoting the use of obscene language, debates, slander and even dissemination of information and videos.

The actions according to the arts council are contrary to Rule 25 (1) - (8) of the Council Rules (Government Proclamation No. 43 of 2018).

In a statement issued by MS Mniko, Basata’s acting Secretary General says it will not hesitate to take action against any artist who is found to be committing acts that are contrary to the laws and regulations governing the arts sector.

“These actions undermine government efforts to bring about development and economic growth through the arts sector.”


He added: The Council believes and emphasizes that the Arts Sector, especially the Tanzania Film and Music Industry requires the efforts of Artists themselves to be more self-reliant and creative in achieving great international.