Diamond’s 'Komasava' challenge sparks bongo flava celebration and debate

What you need to know:

  • The news of Chris Brown's involvement has sparked widespread celebration among bongo flava artistes and fans alike, marking a significant milestone for Tanzanian music as it eyes international recognition, particularly in the United States market.

Dar es Salaam. In a remarkable turn of events in the Bongo Flava industry, American artist Chris Brown recently ignited a major buzz by posting a challenge of Diamond Platnumz's hit song ‘Komasava’ featuring Khalil Harrison and Chley.

The news of Chris Brown's involvement has sparked widespread celebration among bongo flava artistes and fans alike, marking a significant milestone for Tanzanian music as it eyes international recognition, particularly in the United States market.

Among those showing their support are Jay Melody, Gnako, Zuchu, Juma Jux, Barnaba, and numerous others within the bongo flava industry.

Their expressions of solidarity on various platforms highlight the collective joy over these achievements.

Diamond Platnumz, the driving force behind the song, has amassed millions of YouTube views since its release, took to Instagram to express his gratitude.

"Wooh, check what I woke up to, Chris Brown on my Komasava challenge. Words can't express how grateful I am. This means the world to me bro, GOAT, King, idol," posted Diamond on his Instagram account.

Social media

However, amidst the celebrations, a debate has arisen on social media, with some portraying Harmonize and Alikiba as indifferent towards such successes.

Harmonize, in particular, faced backlash for his comments on Chris Brown's involvement, during a recent interview with Clouds FM, he emphasised the positive impact of international recognition on Tanzanian music.

"It's not the first song he's played, but it's good news for the nation and our culture. We must celebrate that our music has reached far and wide, and whatever we do goes viral," shared Harmonize, reflecting on the broader implications for the industry.

Recently, after the interview, Tanzanian comedian Dullvani, took his Instagram account to comment on what people say about Chris Brown's previous post on Miso Misondo.

“But I've noticed that we, the short guys, get jealous easily. These cigarettes we smoke mess with our bodies and that's why our conversations end up being nonsense,” posted Dulvani.

However, another bongo flava fan, Rakim Junior commented that the issues of Miso Misondo are not as big as for the Diamond Platnumz.

“Chris Brown posting Miso Misondo, it’s not a big deal, Harmonize should stop being jealous. Give Diamond Platnumz his flowers and let's not hear about these other things,” he shared.

Amid widespread criticism, some fans came to Harmonize's defence, applauding him for his patriotism in not discriminating between Miso Misondo and Diamond, thereby uplifting the entire industry.

“Indeed, that's quite common because if we fail to appreciate our artistry overall, our music won't go anywhere. Therefore, it's crucial to understand that this is significant as well,” shared Abdul.

Moreover, fans expressed discontent towards Alikiba's media company, Crown Media, for initially not posting about the event, citing ownership biases.

However, the subsequent post by Crown Media was met with relief and further celebration among fans.

Through the Instagram page of that media outlet, fans came to comment, saying, "We told you, now you've seen and should retract your shame,” said Onesmo Majid

Another person, Diana Juma, commented (sic): "You are very late; wasn't the permission not yet issued?”

Music stakeholders

Bongo flava music producer, Master J commended Diamond Platnumz for his achievement, emphasising its significance for artistes striving to reach global audiences.

“To get that opportunity as an artist is a blessing because posting Recently,is account, and introducing yourself to his fan base, if there are many people it means it is a great grace and a great opportunity and if you are clever, you will use it well, so it's up to you to see how you will use it,” shared Master J

He further urged fellow artistes to capitalise on such opportunities to elevate Tanzanian music on the international stage.

On the other hand, music video director, Deogratias Abel alias Deo Abel, shared that it’s an achievement that needs to be celebrated.

“I think we need to celebrate this as we usually celebrate other things. If we don’t appreciate our own even a little, then next time no one will be able to repost it or have our challenges,” he explained.

Bongo Flava music producer, Juma Tarimo alias Jay Drama also emphasises that it's time to celebrate their achievements as artists because they are striving to reach a niche market.

“I see this opening the way for other artists to also invest heavily in producing good work that will fly the flag high, as Diamond Platnumz has done,” he explained.

As the debate continues and the industry evolves, the spotlight remains on Diamond Platnumz's "Komasava" challenge, a testament to the growing influence of bongo flava beyond borders and its potential for further global impact.