Digital technology increase and improve the quality of secondary education in Tanzania

Thursday August 27 2020
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Digital technology will increase access and improve the quality of secondary education in Tanzania
This week, the government announced plans to implement a new initiative aimed at improving the quality of secondary education across Tanzania.
Speaking at an education stakeholders’ forum in Dar es Salaam, Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology Dr Leonard Akwilapo, emphasised the government’s commitment to Tanzania’s education system.
In particular he stressed the government’s plans to both increase access to and improve the quality of secondary education across the country. Notably, Dr Akwilapo highlighted how the project will place an emphasis on digital technology.
This emphasis was two-fold: working to provide schools with the necessary tools to improve the learning environment and ensuring that Tanzanian children are subsequently equipped with the technological skills that will allow them to thrive in a technological world, Dailynews website has reported recently. The government’s commitment to develop schools will be welcomed.
The importance of ensuring the next generation has access to technology and is armed with the necessary digital skills to excel in a technology-driven world should not be underestimated.
This fact is something that both the government and the private sector are aware of and have been working towards for some time.
The issue of improving access to technology is one that is high on the agenda within the telecommunications sector in particular, especially in ways that benefit the younger generations. Tanzanian telecom firms are taking an active role in this field and Tigo Tanzania, in particular, has made strides in this area.
In 2016, Tigo entered a partnership with the Ministry of Works, Transport and Communications to facilitate the roll-out of internet access points in the country’s secondary schools to complement the Government’s eSchools project. 
To date, Tigo has provided over 64,000 students with free internet access across Tanzania. Through connecting public secondary schools with fast internet connectivity. In doing so, Tigo is actively investing in Tanzania’s future.
Further, Tigo is committed to ensuring students are educated across this field. The company works in partnership with Apps and Girls to help young girls and women gain and develop skills in technology to bridge the tech gender gap in Tanzania.
The partnership has supported Apps and Girls’ interventions in schools and the community where more than 3,000
girls have been impacted. The initiative has led to the birth of tech entrepreneurs, tech creators, tech role models and leaders driving change across Tanzania.
The work of Tigo and the telecommunication sector more widely should not be underestimated. They are helping  turn the promise of future digital technology into reality.