Harmonize hints at the name of his next album

Tuesday October 19 2021
Harmonize PIC

Tanzanian superstar, Harmonize.

By Ramadhani Ismail

Dar es Salaam. Tanzanian superstar, Harmonize, is expected to release another album soon following the Afro East good performance on streaming services.
After doing well with his EP and Afro East album, Harmonize has announced the launch of a new album that is expected to be named “High School”.
While still in the United States on a tour for his show, Harmonize has hinted at the arrival of the album and said he hopes to release it soon.
The Citizen once had the opportunity to speak with Ibra, an artist who is managed by Harmonize on the "Konde Gang" label and he hinted that Harmonize's new arrival would be an international sensation because within the album he has worked with many great artists from the United States.
It is not clear when this album will be ringing in people's ears or how many songs there will be but I believe that songs like "Teacher Konde" and "All night" featuring Anjella have a high chance of being included in the album.