Six reasons why Miss Tanzania was blocked from Miss World beauty pageant

Saturday July 17 2021
Miss pic

Miss Tanzania 2020/2021, Rose Manfere.

By The Citizen Reporter

Dar es Salaam. The francise holder of Miss World Tanzania has finally spelt out  six reasons that led to the removal of Miss Tanzania 2020/2021, Rose Manfere from representing the country at Miss World beauty pageant.

Among the offenses, she is acused of setting up her own contract in the process disregarding the instructions of The Look Company, which is in charge of the competition and conducting commercials, disregarding the instructions given to her by management, disregarding the guidelines given by the sponsors.

This was stated on Saturday, July 17, 2021 by the Chairman of the Miss Tanzania Committee, Azama Mwasango while speaking to reporters.

 "In  honor of the crown there are things she was not supposed to do, but every time she was given the right direction to follow she often chose a different path" Mwasango said.

"She has been participating in other people's concerts without permission from The Look and sometimes asking for invitations which is embarrassing and demeaning to the status of Miss Tanzania as for her dignity she should be invited" she said.

"Doing commercials without informing The Look Company and keeping time at the workplace, such as a press conference for non-essential reasons such as demanding clothes, delayed by a technician, is one of the mistakes that led to her dismissal,"


Mwasango said if that was not enough the biggest mistake that Rose made was to use the name Miss Tanzania for personal gain.

 "She has formed her own management without informing the committee and the management is introducing itself to various stakeholders as the main characters of the Miss Tanzania and Miss World committees and therefore compromising The Look's identity.

"Her management has done the same at the Ministry of Information, something that is a criminal offense as confirmed in a letter we wrote to the National Arts Council (Basata) complaining," Mwasango said.

The decision to remove Rose, was posted on the committee's page on July 14 stating that the runner-up, Juliana Rugamisa would replace her.

In another development, despite Basata directing the committee to send Rose's name, Miss World, they said they had already sent Juliana and preparations were underway to prepare her for the trip.

Asked if he did not feel they were going against the Government's directives, Mwasango said "We are the ones who have a license with Miss World and not Basata, as it is there to give permission".