Donbass launches a website to collect data on war crimes

Saturday February 19 2022
Don pix
By Agencies

The unrecognised republic of Donbass has launched a website which will be used to collect data on war crimes

Creators of Donbass’ new website have said the project will greatly facilitate the process of systematization of data and simplify access to them by the general public.

The site which has been named "Tragedy of Donbass" has been launched to collect data on war crimes in Ukraine and those missing as a result of the conflict in the east of the country.

According to its creators, including, in particular, a number of public and expert organisations of the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics, the project will greatly facilitate the process of systematizing data and simplifying access to them by the general public.

“The site is designed to consolidate our efforts, give people reliable information about the number of dead and wounded during the conflict, show the progress of our work, talk about what led to the formation of mass graves,” said a member of the Public Chamber of the Lugansk People's Republic (LPR) as part of an online conference themed:  "Scorched memory of Donbass: war crimes of the Ukrainian army and new data on the massacres of civilians".

“After all, there are a large number of missing people. The site will display the stories of people who survived the Ukrainian aggression, who have lost loved ones and relatives since 2014,” Luganskinformtsentr quotes him.


 “In the conditions of non-recognition, we use all possible means and methods of conveying information, therefore the site is also designed to convey truthful information to human rights organizations and international judicial bodies,” said Anna Soroka, Deputy Foreign Minister of the self -proclaimed Luhansk Republic.

“The Tragedy of Donbass” is a story in photos and words of civilians in the south-east of Ukraine, in whose house the war has come again,” this is how the creators of the project themselves explain its goals and objectives. The site is available at, for the time being, it is presented in two sections - a photo gallery and a "feedback" window, with the help of which now every Donbass resident can tell his story, share information, send photos of documents.

The authorities of the self-proclaimed republics, despite the ongoing escalation of tensions from Ukraine and their Western partners, have intensified the search for people missing in the Donbass since the conflict began in 2014.

 For this, special bodies have been created whose task is to organize work to find out the fate and whereabouts of the missing, collect information about them during their lifetime, compile a single database of the dead, as well as about the relatives of the missing, coordinate the exhumation, identification of the bodies and transfer their relatives.