Rains kill two, destroy school infrastructures

Braving the Elements: Dar es Salaam residents navigate through the Jangwani section of the Morogoro Road. Dart has temporarily halted BRT bus services to the city center amidst torrential rains.

What you need to know:

The ongoing rains have killed two children in the city and forces some school to suspend classes as infrastructure and some facilities are put to test by the heavy shower.

Dar es Salaam. Police said yesterday they have recovered bodies of two missing children as heavy rains and flooding continued to wreck havoc in the commercial city.

The intense seasonal rains have pounded Dar es Salaam and the Coast region overnight for over a week nows and destroyed infrastructure and other key facilities. There are fears of the worst as the state weather agency forecast more rain in the coming days. Police recovered the body of a six-year-old Francis Byabato who was found last Wednesday in a 30-feet unused well at his home at Goba Matosa after missing for two days.

A body of an estimate four to five-year-old boy whose name could not be identified was recovered floating in Msimbazi River in Mongolandege ares on Sunday and taken to Muhimbili National Hospital (MNH).

“We are following the information on the effects of rains but we ask everyone to take precautionary measures against the situation. An extra care is needed for children,” said the Dar es Salaam commander Lazaro Mambosasa in a statement.

The rains are also reported to have caused substantial damage to Mwale and Majani ya Chai primary school in Kiwalani Ward and Kibasila Secondary School in Temeke Municipality which had to suspend classes.

save also affected operations of some schools and transport services following the closure of some roads.

Mwale and Majani ya Chai primary schools of Kiwalani and Kibasila Secondary School of Temeke suspended classes following the overflow.

Yesterday, authorities temporarily closed roads in the city including Morogoro road at the flood-prone Jangwani area and Kawawa road at Mkwajuni area where small car were not allowed to pass until water level went down.

The Tanzania Meteorological Agency (TMA) forecasts that more rains are still expected in Dar es Salaam, Coast, Tanga, Unguja and Pemba, and has warned residents to prepare for any eventuality.

“Strong winds and tides are expected at the Indian Ocean,” the Weatherman said yesterday.

The Deputy Minister for Works, Transport and Communications, Mr Atashasta Nditiye, told the Parliament in Dodoma yesterday that Dar es Salaam, Coast and other regions were receiving their long rain season, calling upon residents to prepare for any eventualities.