Magufuli: Why we picked Silinde for Tunduma

Friday October 02 2020
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CCM members and supporters gesticulate at a campaign rally as they listen to the ruling party’s Union presidential candidate,Dr John Magufuli, in Tunduma Town yesterday. PHOTO | FILE

Tunduma. CCM presidential candidate John Magufuli yesterday revealed why the ruling party opted for David Silinde as the parliamentary candidate despite the fact that he failed to impress delegates during the party’s primaries.

Mr Silinde - who was the MP for Momba through the opposition Chadema political pary - crossed over to CCM and was nominated for Tunduma Constituency, which was also under Chadema. Mr Silinde’s candidacy was thanks to the nomination by CCM’s National Executive Committee.

“I wasn’t ignorant to allow Silinde’s nomination, a man who had crossed over from the opposition. For a long time, he was ready to resign as MP and join CCM because of the rot [sic] within the opposition,” said Dr Magufuli who addressed a campaign rally in the vibrant border town. “He wanted to vie for the parliamentary seat through Momba where he was but I asked him to help me in Tunduma. Vote him for me and you will see the wonders that I’ll here,” he said.

The Tunduma constituency was under Chadema’s Frank Mwakajoka who is also defending the seat.

“Make sure you also vote for the CCM ward council candidates so that we have a good chain and easily approve development projects for Tunduma. There are many development projects including water, for which we delivered the funding, but I’m not sure if they were implemented as there was none to question.”

“If you bring me people from the other side, you will suffer. You will not get water that we are planning for Tunduma. I’m not threatening anyone but just stating the truth. You cannot give food to a neighbour’s family while yours is hungry,” said Dr Magufuli, who is seeking re-election.


Mr Silinde promised victory in the October 28 elections as he slammed the opposition.

The party’s winner of the primaries, Aden Mwakyonde, said “We’ll make sure CCM wins here”.

Dr Magufuli promised to continue taking care of elderly people in Tanzania.

He cited an example of the registration of the elderly for free health services whereby the number supplied with health insurance cards shot from 213,000 in 2015 to 1,042403 currently.

“In the next five years, I will continue taking care of more elderly people,” said Dr Magufuli.

Speaking at Vwawa where he stopped - and, later, in Tunduma - he ordered the penalty imposed on pregnant women stopped.

The Sh50,000 penalty was charged on pregnant women who registered late for maternity clinics.

“The penalty must stop from today,” he said.

Dr Magufuli urged women to continue reproducing without fear.

“Register to the clinic as soon as possible to access health services which we are working hard to deliver,” he said.