Why 5G is key for economic growth

Dar es Salaam. Huawei-Tanzania said that as the country migrates to the fourth generation of broadband cellular network technology (4G), it was also important to bear in mind the future of the 5G network for the economy growth.

Huawei Senior Consultant for Southern Africa Region Mr Marius Engelbrecht said on Monday, November 3, at the ICT annual conference that it was important to devise strategies on ICT industry to make Tanzania a better place for investment.

He said 5G technology with its associated services, can and will impact every business.

“This impact can be translated into new jobs and opportunities, lifting citizens out of poverty and allowing them to participate in the economy. Service innovation and demand are the only way to prove 5G capabilities. Not the speed-test,” He said

However, Mr Engelbrecht emphasized the necessity of getting back to basics, including spectrum planning and forward-thinking business strategy, otherwise 5G will just stay as simple mantras for the modern world.

“To boost the innovation-driven development at national, organizational and individual level, it is important to plan resources such as spectrum in a future-oriented way so the scattered resource could be integrated and allocated to where there is the most growth potential.”