Mo Dewji pours in billions to finance Simba transformation

Dar es Salaam. Finally, Mohammed ‘Mo’ Dewji has paid up Sh20 billion for 49 percent shareholding in Simba Sports Club as an investor.
Mr Dewji handed a cheque for that amount to the club’s trustee, Adam Mgoyi, in the presence of the club’s chairman, Murtaza Mangungu.
Speaking on the matter yesterday, Mr Dewji said he finally received clearance from the Fair Competition Commission (FCC) that all the procedural rules and regulations governing the investment have been complied with in full.
However, although he was supposed to pay Sh19.6 billion only for the 49 percent shares, he nonetheless decided to round off the figure b paying Sh20 billion as a good gesture on his part.
“I have a special liking for the club, and I am able, willing and ready to support it every which way I can,” he said – adding that he is “very happy to complete the club’s transformation processes that started about four years ago, and is about 97 percent completed.
“We have only three percent of the envisaged transformation to do and complete the exercise. The transformation is a milestone for sports in general, and football clubs in particular, in the history of competitive sports in Tanzania,” he said.
Revealing that he has “so far spent Sh21.3 billion to support Simba,” Mr Dewji said the money was used to scout for and register outstanding players, recruit superlative coaches, and pay for the club’s other expenses like salaries.
“This is largely why Simba have dominated the Mainland Premier League, winning and holding onto the title for the last four consecutive years.”
“We have only three percent to complete the exercise. It is milestone for the club as it is the first in history to attain that in Tanzania,” he said.
Simba Sports Club chairman Mangungu said the club’s members and the general public would be informed on the procedures to be followed in acquiring some of the other (51 percent) shares that are available to all and sundry.