Tanzania’s Simba SC begins preparations for 2024-2025 Season with ambitious plans

What you need to know:

  • The team is set to depart this evening for a training camp in Ismailia, Egypt, as they prepare to face new challenges and aspirations.

Dar es Salaam. Simba Sports Club has embarked on an ambitious journey ahead of the upcoming 2024-2025 competition season, with players and coaching staff committing to a new era under the leadership of Chairman of the Board of Directors and Honorary President Mohammed 'Mo' Dewji.

The team is set to depart this evening for a training camp in Ismailia, Egypt, as they prepare to face new challenges and aspirations.

Under the guidance of billionaire businessman Mo Dewji, who has made a triumphant return to the club, Simba SC has undergone significant transformations.

This includes the recruitment of a robust squad and an entire coaching team from South Africa led by Fadlu Davids. Yesterday, intense deliberations between Dewji, the board of directors, and players paved the way for a unified strategy as the team prepares for the season ahead.

The squad will depart in two groups, with the majority of the team, including all coaches, leaving today for Ismailia to commence their intensive preparation camp.

The remainder of the squad, under the stewardship of South African coach Fadlu Davids, will depart tomorrow to complete the lineup.

Ahead of their departure, Simba SC introduced new signings such as right-back Valentin Nouma, with anticipation building for the announcement of additional players including versatile defender and midfielder Chamou Karaboue, among others, brought in under Mo Dewji's ambitious recruitment drive.

The club's management has successfully resolved uncertainties surrounding the future of Coach Seleman Matola, integrating him into the coaching staff alongside three assistants for Fadlu Davids.

The coaching team includes Darian Wilkens and Wayne Sandilands overseeing goalkeeping duties, Riedoh Berdien as the midfield coach, and video analyst Mueez Kajee.

Simba SC has already introduced 11 new players, comprising seven foreign and four domestic talents, with more additions expected.

Among the notable foreign recruits are central defender Valentin Nouma, Zambian winger Joshua Mutale, Ugandan striker Steven Mukwala, and midfielders Charles Ahoua, Augustine Okejepha, and Debora Fernandez.

Local signings include Omary Omary, Valentino Mashaka, Lameck Lawi, and Abdulrazack Hamza. The announcement of Karaboue was expected to follow shortly.

Recognizing past shortcomings of inadequate team cohesion during camps, Simba SC aims to rectify these errors by ensuring the team remains united throughout their preparations in Ismailia.

Looking ahead, Simba SC is keen to start the season strong, culminating in their participation in the Community Shield, where they will face rivals Young Africans (Yanga).

Last season, Simba triumphed over Yanga in the final, securing a 3-1 penalty shootout victory after a thrilling 2-2 draw in regulation time.

Ahead of their departure, Simba SC's management, led by CEO Imani Kajula, convened meetings to align team objectives, encouraging players to uphold the club's values and promising fans an exciting season ahead.

Outside the field, Mo Dewji continues to spearhead efforts to unify the team, holding strategic meetings aimed at fostering a cohesive team spirit and preparing Simba SC for the challenges ahead.

Simba SC's Egyptian training camp is scheduled to span three weeks, after which the team will return to Tanzania in early August to celebrate Simba Day, an event marking the official introduction of the team's new roster.

This will be followed by preparations for the Community Shield matches scheduled between August 8th and 11th, leading up to the commencement of the 2024-2025 Premier League season.

Simba SC's determination stems from their frustration at falling short to Yanga in three consecutive seasons, as their archrivals claimed both the Premier League and Federation Cup titles.

The team aims to reclaim their dominance and restore pride in the club's legacy under Mo Dewji's visionary leadership.