Why Tanzania-Eu should maintain good relations

Wednesday February 17 2021

Tanzania and the European Union (EU) have maintained close ties for 45 years. This positive bilateral cooperation is based on contractual understandings, some based on international conventions which Tanzania and the European Union have ratified.

The Delegation of the EU (then Delegation of the European Commission) in Tanzania was established in 1991 while its predecessor was established in 1975. To date, the mission continues to thrive amidst great cooperation with the Tanzanian government. As such, it is important that we maintain this close and mutually beneficial relation to last for posterity.

We cannot celebrate the success of this strategic alliance between the EU and Tanzania without recognizing and commending the government for always promoting a positive atmosphere with its international partners, with the EU being at the forefront of these positive endeavours.

From politics, social democracy to the economy, Tanzania and the EU have established ties that are pertinent to the development of both partners. According to the EU, some of their main objectives concerning Tanzania, aside from the aforementioned include security, regional integration and other initiatives that contribute to the consolidation of peace and democracy in the East African region.

The fact that the EU is the leading source of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Tanzania is enough to put a seal of importance on the already progressive relation between the two partners.

Now, it is prudent that as a country Tanzania ensures that the established affirmative ties between itself and the EU are sustained for the long haul. The efforts that have been invested by the different phases of governments that have come into power over the years are a good sign that the EU-Tanzania foundation is built on solid ground and can only be fortified by working together towards common goals.


Time to plant fruit trees

Efforts by Ryzer Agro Product company based in Dar es Salaam that have shown that it is possible to utilise limited space for fruit tree planting deserve commendation.

According to its chief officer Baraka Munisi, the firm, established in 2017 has been promoting planting of dwarf fruit trees as these only need a small space and yet give abundant yields.

Mr Munisi and his colleagues have also been creating jobs for up to 50 young people at their Kigamboni farm.

He says growing can be done in containers or pots and that quality of fruits produced is not altered.

The company uses grafting and budding techniques to get the seedlings for planting.

This is a challenge to all those who thought that they didn’t have enough space for tree planting--especially those dwelling in urban areas.

Likewise, those young people still in search for jobs, they may go for this type of business to help them make ends meet.

The efforts are an eye opener to those who are truly determined to improve their diets, change their lives and come up with another means of earning some extra cash.

We commend Ryzer Agro Product company for the efforts and say no more excuses to fruit tree planing.

It can be done. Play your role.