Sunday September 12 2021
By The Citizen Reporter

We live in a world that is fast becoming predominantly technology-based. Today, the list of things one cannot access without using some sort of technology is on the rise. But, this is a positive trend. Technology is transforming the way we live, making life easier and accessibility to services a lot more convenient.

Tanzania should not be left behind in this technology rush. We need to be onboard all major developments in the world of innovation. At the moment our pace is slow, but with time we need to catch up with the rest of the pack on the continental as well as global level.

One thing that remains as clear as day is the fact that we have come a long way as a nation in this digital growth. We have managed to advance to promising levels in some areas, even though most are still operating the old ways. Regardless, we need to celebrate the small milestones that we have so far recorded in the evolution of technology while we gear ourselves for bigger scores.

Under the Minister of Communication and Information Technology Tanzania is emboldening its innovation drive as the government looks to tap into the new way of life. Under Faustine Ndugulile’s watchful eye the Communications and Information Technology Ministry is leading the national technology agenda by ensuring that all sectors upgrade their mode of operations to go in line with the new way of doing things – the digital way.

With the government’s unveiling of a more modern Tanzania Postal Service and the investment in broadband and other areas of economic and social interest it is clear that Tanzania is on the right path in the technology and innovation journey. What is required now to make these massive investments payoff is having a clear strategy that will ensure full optimization of the revamped services.

In East Africa, Rwanda and Kenya seem to be ahead of the rest when it comes to adopting technology and innovation in different spheres. For example, global technology companies have set up multiple African branches in Nairobi, believing that it is the gateway to Africa. What this means, is that Kenya has marketed itself as the ideal destination for technology investment not only in East Africa but the wider African continent. Rwanda is also constantly improving its investment portfolio in different sectors with technology being at the core of its strategy.


More effort needed

Tanzania needs to also place its cards on the table if at all the government is committed to improving the country’s appeal in the technology realm. The competition is stiff as African countries rally for global support from the more advanced economies.

The traditional ways of doing things that have existed for decades, dating back to pre-independent days are partly to blame for the sluggish pace in embracing technology. But, it is evident that life today is not the same as it was some 60 years back. Even on an industrial level, we have seen how technology has impacted modes of production of goods and also access to different services. As such, it is prudent and more practical that Tanzania joins the rest of the world in promoting adoption of technology and implementing tech-based strategies.