Asam Oil stands for quality delivery in fuel market

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The bad thing is that I am not Mr President, king, heir or any top executive to make final decisions, but if I were, Tanzania would have worn a prettier face than its current imaginary portrait.

Wednesday March 24 2021

The bad thing is that I am not Mr President, king, heir or any top executive to make final decisions, but if I were, Tanzania would have worn a prettier face than its current imaginary portrait.

I would have made it simply “an island of wonders” where country-men and women are superior to foreign nationals. Just a beautiful home to locally available contents and improved livelihoods of the majority population.

But, as I stop daydreaming, I still find myself living on this “la-la land” where most of the dreamt locally available resources and wealth of nature in this resource-rich country of Tanzania are untapped.

What would cost recognizing top talents in local content that have showcased excellence? If it doesn’t, then we are not doing justice at all to few local companies like Asam Oil in the field of oil and gas sector.

We would all come to terms that embracing local contents was one of the emphasized agendas of our departed president John Magufuli as we mourn his loss.

Asam Oil, owned by a local entrepreneur, represents few fastest growing oil companies that are regarded as the main contributors of the country’s GDP and economy growth but with partial spotlight.

The company is the top mobile fuel direct deliverer in quality, safer, healthier, and more productive use of time. They deliver diesel or petrol directly into our friends’ vehicles at home, work and while they are on-the-go. Asam Oil is ideally placed to take customer orders, and deliver them to the customer’s doorstep.

The Managing Director of Asam Oil, AzhadAbdulrahim, in an exclu-sive interview with The Citizen, shares the profile of the company and its activities.

Abdulrahim says that the company was established in 2014, mainly dealing with the transportation of oil using mobile facilities, operating retail fuel stations in eight regions; include Engen franchise, and the installation of pumping facilities.

He unfolds that the first company’s retail station was located at Vikindu, in Pwani Region and has employed a substantial workforce that can solely achieve the company’s goals.

According to him, the company has taken on significant measures to set apart from their competitors. “One of the measures is ensuring our retail stations and fuel mobile trucks operate in 24 hours unlike others which close at either 22:00 pm or less than that,” explains Abdulrahim.

The other strategy is improving supermarkets services available at the company’s retail stations, where he claims that they plan to also integrate with electronic payment gateway to ease water and electricity bills payments.

Asam Oil’s contributions to the economy

Speaking in a low voice, Abdulrahim establishes that the company has contributed immensely to the country’s GDP, economic growth and industrial agenda. This is so perceptible with a major move made in human capital recruitment, as now the company boasts a 250 work-force.

Embracing safety practices

In safety practices, Abdulrahim says that safety can be addressed into two aspects; safety on the transportation of fuel and rotation of fuel station. With safety on the rotation of station, he arguably says safety begins when a customer arrives at the station. “Our policy directs that bodaboda riders should first disem-bark from their motorcycles before refilling for safety,” hints Abdulrahim.

“We are also devising a strategy to expand our retail stations by establishing assembling points to accommodate our staff whenever they are at the greatest risks,” expatiates Abdulrahim, who also adds that company will install a special protective pipe underneath to monitor and secure retail stations and a fuel discharge process.

He further notes that the company complies with safety practices during fuel offloading to the stations for not less than 15 minutes. “This is done to keep away customers and staff from explosions, and stabilize stock position,” he expounded.

Again, for showing how much they care about safety of its staff, the company doesn’t allow its staff on slippers, sandals, or bare feet serve customers, as it is against the policy. He says that should the staff work on their located posts, they must have protective gear with them.

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Strategies to remain relevant to the market

As nothing matters as market leadership and relevance, Asamoil is highly dedicated to the supplying and delivery of quality fuel and petroleum products, our products meet the highest standards of our customers.

“We offer transport facilities to our valued customers across Tanzania; our goal is to provide high quality products and services that anticipate the user requirements of tomorrow.

“The company has developed portable test kits to determine the quality of oil, petrol, kerosene and diesel type fuels,” he says.Asamoil is building strong relationships with large industry partners varying from steel production, the public transport sector, as well as the food and beverage industry.

By interacting with our customers, we build long lasting relationships and generate solutions that will benefit everyone.

Awareness raising

The company has engaged in various social events to spread awareness of the importance of safety practices of petroleum and diesel usage. “We have participated in the Kilimanjaro Marathon and, leverage on the chance to educate people about the importance of safety practices in service deliveries,” he expounds.

Nonetheless, the company has planned to continue to engage in other forthcoming interactive events to impart much knowledge community on the company’s pro-file and safety guidelines.

Customers’ response

Customers have never hesitated to air their comments concerning the service and products they consume from Asam Oil. He says that their customer commend and rate the company as a leading mobile fuel direct deliverer and others have gone extra miles to credit the company for an instant feedback and solution whenever the problem arises.


He once raised a voice on the challenge that his company faces, which is fraud. He was by then, very cynical about a crackdown on fraudulent drivers who can yet come up with hundreds of frauds in a way, however, with innovative tracking systems and measurement devices installed at the company, he sees the light at the end of the tunnel.

Other than that, the company encounters unsophisticated systems when it comes to compliance with stipulated regulations from mandated bodies such as Ewura, TRA, NEMC, OSHA etc. That being the case, the company calls for a single integrated government organ that will enable fuel companies like his to respond abruptly to the requirements.

“The other predicament is that large fuel companies that have the monopoly of the market subdue local companies,” he claims. He says they cause distress following their unfair treatment in assets acquisition from tired-looking or declining firms. He turned down a persuasive attempt from one of the giants to surrender his stations in exchange for a lucrative offer.


According to him, the company sees the increase of retail stations as one of the achievements attained by the company. This has helped to serve the remote and underserved areas where fuel (diesel or petrol) were previously not accessed.

“Asam Oil currently takes huge pride on undertaking the operation of all oil depots in the country,” establishes Abdulrahim.

Future outlook

Looking at this changing times, the company envisions to launch the loyalty card which will enable customers to get discounted sales of specific services available at the company. If that is not enough, Asam Oil will on top of that entrench self-service mechanism to help customers with a home-like experience.

Besides the company’s activities, giving back to the community is the best thanksgiving in the corporate world, the company plans to establish its dream campaign to plant 1 million trees by 2050.

Thoughts on the loss of Dr John Magufuli

“I frankly grieve this national tragedy as my own. I will remember DrMagufuli because he has left behind indelible marks as our company’s growth trajectory was evidenced during his six-year term,” recalls Abdulrahim.

He also remembers him for opening up opportunities for many enterprises like his to massively invest in various sectors under his leadership. However, he admits that DrMagufuli’ s legacy for all people to work hard will forever be cherished and replicated in a positive manner.

The company’s MD, strongly believes that his successor, SamiaSuluhu (who has already sworn in as the President of the United Republic of Tanzania) will pick up where the deceased left and leads us in the right path.