ATCL filling the void left in international sky


Air Tanzania flies to Mumbai from Dar es Salaam thrice a week on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday using Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner offering wide range of services including Free Wi-Fi, television...

National carrier Air Tanzania Company Limited (ATCL) is in the skies with some mouthwatering options which now include direct flights from Dar es Salaam to Mumbai, India.

This is one of the strategies laid down by the company in an effort to extend the realm of its unmatched service within and outside Tanzania.

The first take off on this route by the newly acquired Dreamliner was on July, 17th 2019 at 13:30 pm.

Given a breath of life to life by Tanzania’s Government in 2016, ATCL has since reinstalled its trips to Johannesburg, South Africa after prolonged insolvency for over 10 years.

South Africa flight is said to set the records of being the first international trip to ever carry high number of passengers for ATCL on its first day. More reports from ATCL, suggest India flights are also doing well.

Air Tanzania Company Limited (ATCL) Head of Communication, Josephat Kagirwa shares various issues based on the flight including passengers’ reception.

Mumbai flights routines

The routine is very precise, what an individual who wishes to travel needs to book online from Air Tanzania website or physically visit our offices located or consult our travel agencies found within and outside the country.

You can pay via debit cards or mobile money transfers which have proven to be very efficient and time saving.

Air Tanzania flies to Mumbai from Dar es Salaam thrice a week on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday using Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner offering wide range of services including Free Wi-Fi, television, giving you vast unusual experience such as domestic tourist attractions, cinema and kids’ games.

We always offer inflight meals and drinks. Every passenger is allowed to carry two luggage weighing 23 Kgs per each for free and he/she can go for additional weight at minimal costs.

These fashionable services triggered such high-water mark response from these two emerging markets of Tanzania and India. The two markets are largely interconnected in respect to the established demands in both parts.

The demands span from students who go abroad for studies, tourists visit to our country from India, traders, investors and even patients seeking medical care.

There are some passengers from other nations who connect the flight in Dar es Salaam heading to India aboard Air Tanzania.

Opportunities to tap from the flights

Thereare galore of opportunities to tap, one is the fact that many people are travel to India with number of specified reasons.

Given India’s reputation and excellence in areas of health, technology and trade, our flights to India have become one of the most sought after.

These flights open doors for an increased tourist activity as India rate among countries that receive and dispatch high number of tourists.

It should also act as a strong reminder because Indians have grossly invested within Tanzania, and therefore it’s our hope these flights will be an integral part of an increased investment of Indians within Tanzania.

In addition, India is renowned market for world’s top-end specialized doctors, it’s upon everyone’s belief that these flights will automatically save the time of passengers travelling for medical treatment use.

India currently attracts scholarship interests on a global scale, other factors being improved industrialization, agricultural produce trade, raw materials that will account to country’s GDP growth.

Lesson drawn from the flights

We have learnt that there is huge demand for direct flights from Dar es Salaam to India because the last time Tanzania operated direct flight from Dar es Salaam to India was 19 years ago,.

These flights have always helped to save time of passengers who were forced to connect flight at their own expenses. As a company, we have chosen to invest around the potential area of our services.

Strategies laid after Mumbai flights

After an impressive launch of Mumbai direct flights, ATCL expects to start flying to Guangzhou (China) and Bangkok (Thailand). Plans for these new destinations launch set to kick-off at the end of this year.