ENGIE Energy Access; a life-changing off-grid solar flag bearer


ENGIE Energy Access is a leading off-grid solar, Pay-As-You-Go (PAYGo) and mini-grids solutions provid­er in Africa, with a mission to deliver affordable, relia­ble and sustainable energy...

Thursday March 31 2022

ENGIE Energy Access is a leading off-grid solar, Pay-As-You-Go (PAYGo) and mini-grids solutions provid­er in Africa, with a mission to deliver affordable, relia­ble and sustainable energy solutions and life-changing services with exceptional cus­tomer experience.

It is a part of the ENGIE Group, which is a global ref­erence in low-carbon energy and services and has more than 50 years of experience on the African continent.

As a long-term partner for Africa’s growing energy needs, ENGIE firmly believes that universal access to ener­gy is achievable in a foresee­able future through smart investments in a combina­tion of national grid exten­sion, mini-grids and pay-as-you-go individual solar solu­tions, depending on the local characteristics of the energy demand.

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Welding activities powered by PowerCorner MiniGrids unlocked youth employment opportunity in the villages.

Indeed, off-grid electrifi­cation will play a key role to bridge energy gaps, faster and cheaper thanks to three game changing factors: (i) energy efficiency which makes it pos­sible to power multiple appli­ances with a limited amount of energy, (ii) PV and storage price reduction which makes those solutions affordable and (iii) the quick expansion of the mobile economy.

To expand its footprint in Africa, ENGIE integrated Fenix International, ENGIE Mobisol and ENGIE Power­Corner to form ENGIE Ener­gy Access.

The company has over 1,700 employees, operations in 9 countries across Africa (Benin, Cote d’Ivoire, Ken­ya, Mozambique, Nigeria, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia), over 1.3 million customers and more than 6.5 million lives impacted so far and aiming to remain the leading clean energy compa­ny, serving millions of cus­tomers across Africa by 2025.

ENGIE started oper­ating in Tanzania in 2016 with the commissioning of a 16 kW mini-grid pilot in Ketumbeine.

To date, the company has 12 mini-grids in operation in Arusha, Lindi, Mtwara, Ruvu­ma, Kigoma and Tabora and is serving more than 15,000 beneficiaries with a com­bined capacity of more than 390KW.

In addition to providing residents with access to elec­tricity for their own domestic needs, the company’s mini-grids contributes to econom­ic development with the elec­trification of small business, public health centres, schools etc.

ENGIE strengthened its presence in Tanzania by acquiring in 2019, all the assets of Mobisol GMBH including all African subsid­iaries.

In addition to providing PayGo solar home system and contributing to improving the lives of Tanzanians, ENGIE Mobisol U.K limited operat­ing under its new brand name MySol strongly invests in job creation and local empower­ment.

Indeed, the Group pro­vides high quality employ­ment with training programs, health insurance, savings schemes, and career growth opportunities to over 200 full-time Tanzanians, over 1,000 commission-based agents and installer contrac­tors, and 50 temporally staff across the country.

With more than 120,000 households connected with affordable, reliable and clean energy solutions – translating into over 600,000 citizens.

Under the leadership of Her Excellency Mama Samia Suluhu Hassan, investors are very optimistic of the changes already implemented and are growing confidence to con­tinue operations as opposed to shifting investments else­where.