How Yara Tanzania puts women entrepreneurs at the heart of their operations

Justin Massawe displaying one of her popular Yara fertilizer product at her shop in Moshi town.

What you need to know:

  • Yara pushes this program designed to build capacities of its fertilizer agents by acquainting them with proper agronomic knowledge to realize their personal goals in line with that of the company’s centred on moving services closer to the target beneficiaries, particularly smallholder farmers.

Moshi. Women agro-dealers in Kilimanjaro Region, have shared their sentiments on how the fertilizer powerhouse in the country, Yara Tanzania, has contributed to their success stories.

Airing their views at the apex of the International Women’s Day (IWD) observance, two different women traders have said Yara’s support has proven significant to them as entrepreneurs, not only sustaining their businesses but also creating an effective farm input distribution mechanism.

In addition, they have been provided with capital instruments to strengthen their trading capacities from which they can leverage on to become not only independent but confident women who can stand on their feet to champion women empowerment agenda.

The partnership between Yara and these women entrepreneurs is a reflection of the International Women’s Day 2024 theme which states: “Invest in Women: Accelerate Progress.”

Hawa Mhina and Jasmin Massawe are two of the cohorts of the Yara’s specific program on economically empowering its fertilizer agents working closely with extension officers in an effort to move closer quality extension services, including but not limited to providing education and agricultural inputs to smallholder farmers in a timely manner.

Yara pushes this program designed to build capacities of its fertilizer agents by acquainting them with proper agronomic knowledge to realize their personal goals in line with that of the company’s centred on moving services closer to the target beneficiaries, particularly smallholder farmers.

Yara fertilizer agent at Kahe Chekereni village in Kilimanjaro shows her stock redid for distribution to farmers under the government fertilizer subsidy programme.

Almost entirely, farmers with quality and appropriate fertilizer are capable of raising their productivity levels and cultivate sustainability initiatives.

The duo say through Yara’s flagship program dubbed Channel Partner Programme (CPP), most agents like them have access to capital and agri-business insights to solidify their investment as well as strengthen their fertilizer supply system by winning trust of growers through raised productivity among subsistence food and cash crop producers.

Yara Tanzania Managing Director, Mr Wilson Odhiambo says the initiative to build the capacities of fertilizer agents is a specific plan to revamp the agriculture value chain, forcing it to attach fertilizer supply to its crop nurtrition knowledge campaign, upskilling and building capacities of all agents and smallholder farmers.

 “Yara Tanzania is prioritising empowerment of women in the agribusiness value chain to push forward inclusive economic growth to ensure no one is left behind,” said Mr Odhiambo.

He is pleased and delighted having seen scores of women subscribed to the Yara’s agent’s program making progress on the back of capital financing and agribusiness knowledge which have immensely consolidated the fertilizer supply system as critical service towards smallholder farmers’ growth and food security as well.

Hawa, an agro-input agent at Kahe West, opens up that she has reaped big ever since Yara Tanzania came into her life. “I have at least eight years of experience of working with Yara.

I have been doing great with my dealings because of their quality products that offer multiple benefits on the farm, with this ripple effect, we have also perfected our trading,” she elaborated.

“The capital they financed me with positioned me to the new heights of my business. I would re-stock and get as many customers as possible unlike in the past where we would sell our customers other company’s fertilizer brands.” She stated again: “What I like about Yara, is their 360 support, having their own extension officers visiting smallholder farmers whom they provide with insights on how to properly use fertilizer for better results, and this is the biggest advantage in return to us.”

Hawa is on cloud nine as her numbers speak louder. She’s currently capable of stocking up to 300 ton(s) of agro-inputs compared to 10 ton (s) of agro-inputs she would buy at once initially when entering the market.

“When Yara came in, I started buying 10 ton(s) of agro-inputs from them but I can now go from 200 up to 300 ton(s) per season, cumulatively totaling to the tune of over 600 ton(s) per year.”

This is the biggest milestone to me as a woman, but also to all smallholder farmers whom we serve. We thank Yara for this lifelong empowerment that counts for every one of us.”

She took her time to also encourage her fellow women, uttering uplifting remarks that nothing is impossible much as their hearts are willing to commit, and tipping them on the untapped agri-business potential that only require perseverance to earn them.

“I have earned enough and invested a lot in development efforts with this career, you can also do the same or go higher than this only if you are ready to take your shots.”

“My business stands out on the back of the integrity and honesty that my customers experience, as I sell them quality fertilizer that induce better results. This is surely happening if a smallholder farmer complies with smart farming practices.”

For her part, Jasmin, an agroinput dealer, Moshi Municipal, says that agro-inputs business requires a good command of integrity to farmers for they have an indelible trust that they only buy the right products from you.

Therefore, through Yara’s supplied agro-inputs, farmers have not stopped to count profits from the better outcome derived from such merchandise.

“I have not come across any complaint from any customer as often quality prevails over these high-tech products whose impacts are part and parcel of the success of these farmers using our agro-input brands.”

“Well, as a starter, I would sell low but as the days went by, I gradually improved with demand for these agro-inputs surged by leaps and bounds after experiencing the best results later from this Yara fertilizer. It is now becoming their lasting choice for the clear results shown.”

This company is my lifetime savior, I was in forlorn hope before coming a long way to this far with my business. I can sell up to nearly 300 ton(s) of agro-inputs per year, I strongly suggest farmers to use Yara’s brands which are of recommended standards as well as fertilizers containing comparative nutrients,” clarified Jasmin.

She’s feeling proud ever as a woman entrepreneur to have engaged in the work that brings productivity to the society, considering that agri-business is an answer to those living on breadline, only if they add integrity to it.