Petro Group: PMAYA awards reflect our consistent performances

President Samia Suluhu Hassan presents a prize to the Director of Procurement, Jaya Kumar (centre) at the PMAYA 2023 in Dar es Salaam

Dar es Salaam. Winning awards is in the Petro Group’s DNA. From collecting PMAYA award as a new entrant around 2017 to scooping up them back to back, it is a clear testament of how this largest conglomerate has showcased consistent performances on yearly basis.

The Group has bagged double accolades this year in the energy sector (won by Petrofuel) and metal product sector (won by Petropak) at the President’s Manufacturer of the Year Awards (PMAYA), closing the year 2023 on a high note.

Petro Group Director and Chief Operating Officer (COO), Adithya Eskay has held talks with the Citizen about this year’s PMAYA experience and overall company’s operations.

Mr Kumar ascribes such milestones to the par excellence evidenced across areas of operations, innovation and best practices within the group. “This is not our first time clinching the PMAYA. We have been very successful in this regard. In fact, we won both energy and metal products last year.

All three companies of the group have received this prestigious accolade, and it is a testament to the strategic focus, operational excellence, and innovative practices embedded within our organisation. We understand the importance of corporate social responsibility and sustainable business practices.

Our initiatives not only meet regulatory requirements but go beyond, positively impacting the environment and the communities where we operate,” the Petro Group COO and Director insisted. Aside from this, the success of the company is fundamentally tied to their human capital.

The Group has massively invested in up-skilling and re-skilling training programs for staff, fostering a culture of innovation, dedication, and teamwork. On top of that they have been keen on improving staff’s remuneration packages as a crucial performance dynamic. According to Mr Eskay, the integration of their sectors, coupled with a commitment to operational efficiency and societal impact, positions us as a standout performer in the energy and metal products sectors, earning the prestigious recognition back-to-back.

The success of winning an award like the PMAYA is a collective effort that involves the dedication, hard work, and excellence of the entire team. Leadership at all levels, coupled with a positive team spirit, contributed to the overall success and efficiency of our operations.

Speaking about the experience of this year’s PMAYA edition, he revealed that: “The Confederation of Tanzania Industries have come a very long way as far as the PMAYA is concerned. I was present during the last two editions of the award and have witnessed a substantial increase in attendance and participation from key industry players, stakeholders, and notable personalities.

” The heightened interest and engagement reflect the growing prominence of the event within the business community, he noted and added: “Having the President of Tanzania as the chief guest is an unparalleled honour.

It signifies the event’s importance in the eyes of the highest echelons of leadership, acknowledging the pivotal role that businesses play in the nation’s development.” The Group’s Chief distanced from the regular comparison wars with their counterparts but rather preferring being staged among the market leaders with quality offerings.

 “We rarely try to com- pare ourselves with our competitors. Unfortunately, the market in Tanzania is highly price sensitive. However, we do not indulge in price-wars. We prefer placing ourselves in a completely different segment.

We may not be the cheapest in the market, but we differentiate ourselves through the following;

Integrated approach

Our company embraces an integrated approach, seamlessly connecting the petroleum, logistics, and manufacturing sectors. This holistic strategy ensures efficiency across the entire value chain and presents a comprehensive offering to the market. Highly customer centric approach

Our customer-centric approach is unwavering

We prioritise understanding and meeting the needs of our clients, ensuring their satisfaction and fostering long-term partnerships.

Consistent performance measurement

We have robust performance measurement systems in place, allowing us to track key performance indicators, identify areas for improvement, and implement corrective actions promptly.

Operational excellence

We prioritise operational excellence in each sector, implementing lean processes, and leveraging cutting-edge technologies. This commitment results in streamlined operations, minimised downtime, and enhanced overall productivity.”

As far as Petrofuel is concerned, Mr Eskay says that 2024 will see the company finally enter into the retail station segment. They have pioneered the concept of fuel at the customer’s doorstep with deliveries directly to the end user.

“We feel that it is high time that we enter into the retail fuel station business which will diversify our portfolio further. In addition to this, we are simultaneously entering into the clean and renewable energy segment to ensure a sustainable future for Tanzania.

” As far as the packaging industry, there’s a clear intent to diversify into plastics as well as other metal storage apparatuses with the plan already in motion. We intended to use the initial years of Petropak to learn about the packaging industry and have identified various gaps that can act as a potential market for us,” Mr Eskay concluded.

About Petro Group

The Petro Group of Tanzania is a conglomerate headquartered in Dar es Salaam with diversified business interests and over the years, the group expanded into the petroleum, logistics and manufacturing sectors.

The breakthrough for the group came with the incorporation of Petrofuel in 2007 which is one of the biggest Oil Marketing Companies in Tanzania today. The Group further expanded into the transportation and logistics industry with the incorporation of Petro Logistics.

The most recent investment by the promotors of the company has Petropak, a manufacturing company dealing in the production of high-quality metal drums. Petrofuel is a leading Oil Marketing Company incorporated in the United Republic of Tanzania in 2007.

Petrofuel is a market leader in bulk and retail distribution of petroleum products across Tanzania, East and Central Africa. The company mainly focuses on importation warehousing, distribution and marketing of premium quality petroleum products.

Petro Logistics was incorporated in 2009 as the logistical arm of its sister concern, Petrofuel. Over the years, Petro Logistics grew formidably and expanded into the dry cargo hauling industry. Today, Petro Logistics is one of the top transportation companies in the region thriving on its professionalism and service delivery.

Petropak is a new entrant in the Tanzanian Market as a manufacturer, dealer and marketer of metal drums and plastic storage apparatus.

The Company aims to provide an alternative to the food and agricultural sector which has not seen any major innovations in recent years, thereby making Tanzanian food exports globally acceptable and more presentable.