Plasco Ltd: Growth, innovation and compliance are stepping stones towards PMAYA success

President Samia Suluhu Hassan hands over an award to Plasco Ltd Marketing Manager, Edith James for the first runner of the PMAYA 2023 (Large Industries)

It seems that everything Plasco Ltd touched in the course of 2023 turned to gold.

The thermoplastic pipes manufacturer has clinched an accolade as first-runner-up in the large industries segment of the coveted President’s Manufacturers of the Year Awards (PMAYA) 2023.

The event left indelible memories to Pranesh Maniraj, Plascco’s new General Manager who was the first-timer at the highly prestigious event.

Pranesh says that the award is just recognition of the continued growth of the company which has endeavored to provide high quality, sustainable solutions in the water and construction markets in Tanzania.

“As the World recovers from effects of the pandemic, this success means a lot to us and comes on the back of two record years…..

2021 saw us competing for companies at the medium-sized category, so to succeed at a higher level shows just how much Plasco has improved in the last two years.” says Maniraj.

“The victory is evidence of the strong relationship between Plasco Ltd and the WASH sector, after being involved in the implementation of many developmental projects with water utility companies.”

"The success really showcases our unparalleled quality and the confidence that the WASH sector has in Plasco.” explains Maniraj.

Minister for Industries and Trade, Dr Ashatu Kijaji hands over Plasco Ltd General Manager, Pranesh Maniraj a certificate of appreciation for featuring as bronze sponsor at the PMAYA 2023

“It’s no secret that behind the victory, is Plasco’s culture of innovation, hard work, quality, human resources management, governance and unwavering compliance (adherence to the country's codes),” explains Maniraj.

“We have a superior and dynamic workforce here at Plasco Ltd who have contributed a lot to this historic milestone. We have skilled Tanzanians who drive the business and we are proud of that.”

A large part of the company culture is compliance with the occupational safety and health regulations, which are reinforced by OSHA. This has been a major factor in improving the performance of the employees. “A healthy workplace is a happy one, “states Maniraj.

The company has also increased efforts to strengthen relationships within the community through the implementation of sustainability projects with the aim of changing their lives for the better good. “In the past, we were carrying out CSR projects but on a much lower profile, now our aim is to create a strong social fabric "he explains further.

Another key but unsung factor for this landmark is consistency in manufacturing quality products that meet the ever-evolving demands of plastics consumers. Plasco Ltd, according to the General Manager, has grown to become a preferred choice for the supply of high-tech and affordable plastic products and water management solutions.

Experience the 17th PMAYA Awards

According to Maniraj, attending the 2023 PMAYA Awards was a whole new experience for him personally and a fresh learning curve for Plasco Limited.

"For me, as the new General Manager, it is a whole new experience. This is rare occasion for me but a great honor for us and for the country.”

He stated that he was pleased with the organisation of the occasion. The event saw VIPs and senior executives from all types on industry, stride the red carpet in a grandiose fashion.

"The organizers (CTI) have made Tanzania proud by showcasing their capabilities to host high-profile awards such as this," said Maniraj.

CTI also oversaw an army of reliable event planners and judges that looked at each aspect of the organisation’s relevant to the award. From qualification metrics, data verification and auditing, award segmentation, voting mechanisms, winners selection to the sponsorship— the whole system was designed to be just and fair.

“The presence of an independent award committee meant that the entire process of placing participants in the categories hitherto the announcement of the winners was objective and fair," emphasizes the General Manager of Plasco Ltd.

Victory reactions

Maniraj explains that during the awards, they had an opportunity to share a word with the Minister of Industry and Trade, Dr Ashatu Kijaji whose presence encouraged them.

“When we were there in the hall, we received a message from the Minister congratulating us on the good work we are doing. That was fantastic feedback for us.”

Maniraj notes that the company is gearing for further growth by improving all areas that have been key.

Plasco's direction after PMAYA Awards 2023

to this year's victory; starting with performance improvements, bringing new innovations, developing the skills of employees and improving their work environment, continuing to do business with new and existing stakeholders, strengthening relations with the Government through projects and following the laws and regulations of the country.

"We cannot rest after this. We will position ourselves towards the ever-changing environment and challenges we might face into the future. “

"We are also looking to expand our footprint into other markets such as agriculture and mining aligning ourselves to support governments’ initiatives in these sectors,” he explains further.

Apart from that, it is in the plans of Plasco Ltd to open a subsidiary company in Kigamboni area to continue moving its services and products closer to their customers.

"Our vision has never changed,  instead it has evolved into a business that is in business of changing people’s lives by providing solution driven high quality and innovative products" concludes Maniraj.