The GSM Group boasts numerous successes within President Samia’s three years

President Dr. Samia Suluhu Has­san has distinguished herself as a leader with vision and steadfastness in advancing Tanzania’s develoment since taking office in March 2021.

Over the past three years, her leadership has witnessed signifi­cant achievements in various areas including the economy, health, edu­cation, and good governance.

President Samia has made signif­icant efforts to ensure Tanzania’s economy improves and becomes sus­tainable. Her government has taken steps to strengthen the business envi­ronment by attracting investors and promoting the private sector.

This has led to increased domes­tic and foreign investment, thereby contributing to economic growth and reducing the poverty rate.

The GSM Group is among the investors who pride themselves on the significant successes they have achieved within President Samia’s three years in office. Here is an inter­view with the company’s leadership regarding the successes they have experienced.

How GSM explain the leadership of the sixth phase Government?

The leadership of the sixth phase government under President Dr. Samia Suluhu Hassan has brought us great efficiency and positive results in our company. Through our con­struction materials company, we have seen how the country is being developed.

The transportation sector has also been a significant part of our suc­cess due to the improvement of our ports. Similarly, we have seen positive results in other sectors of importing goods out of the country, expand­ing our business scope further both domestically and internationally.

To what extent does this company collaborate with the government in implementing various activities?

Through our commercial activ­ities, GSM collaborates extensively with the government to achieve its goals. We do this in various sectors.

In the employment sector, through GSM companies, we pride ourselves on being part of the solution to the unemployment issue in our country by employing over 3,000 workers in various fields according to their expertise.

In sports investment, we allocate a portion of our revenue to invest in sports as major sponsors of teams such as Young Africans Sports Club (Yanga), Namungo Sports Club, Singida Fountain Gate, Coastal Union, and Ihefu. We understand and support President Samia’s policy through the Ministry of Culture, Arts, and Sports in promoting sports in Tanzania.

We continue to participate in various activities to support spe­cial groups such as orphaned chil­dren and communities in general in improving education, healthcare, and other areas.

What is the secret to GSM’s suc­cess despite several legal and pol­icy reforms?

GSM primarily focuses on invest­ing in its human resources, which are the catalyst for the excellent services provided by our company. Addition­ally, we continue to utilize modern technologies that enhance our per­formance.

How does GSM ensure gender equality within the organisation?

GSM believes in gender equality, which is why over 200 of our employ­ees are women, including senior lead­ers in various departments. Women at GSM are in position that influence decision-making and provide their input, which contributes to the con­tinuous growth of our company

The government has implemented robust strategies to improve invest­ment in the country. To what extent does GSM leverage this opportunity through its services and products?

In recent years, our company has plans to continue growing by expand­ing the range of services and products to meet the needs of both the domes­tic and international markets, all of which are facilitated by the improved investment environment established by the sixth-phase government led by President Dr. Samia Suluhu Hassan.

What achievements is GSM proud of within the three years of the Sixth Phase Government?

GSM takes pride in the excellent leadership of Her Excellency Pres­ident Dr. Samia Suluhu Hassan. Effective leadership has enabled us to expand our business scope. Within three years, GSM has introduced a new brand of electronic devices, Hai­er. Our transportation and logistics businesses have continued to grow over the past three years, and we have also added other household products such as rice, cooking oil, laundry soap, etc. Additionally, we are in the final stages before starting the production of GSM-branded water, soda, and juices.