Weholite Tank Systems is Plasco Ltd’s solution to water storage in Tanzania

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Weholite Rain Water Harvest Tank DN2200 SN2 (1000 m3).

Many regions in Tanzania are experi­encing a water scarcity due to a range of factors such as climate change, pollution, and inefficient water management prac­tices.

Tanzania’s natural water resources, the rivers, lakes and aquifers, do not provide an equitable delivery of water to the various regions of the country.

This leaves most of the population with­out any fresh water. Rapid urbanization has also pushed poor urban dwellers to the slums, where there is no water or san­itation, and overcrowding exacerbates the already hazardous health conditions.

In other words, water demand is exceed­ing supply. As a result, it is becoming increasingly important to find innovative and sustainable solutions to manage water resources and ensure their conservation.

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Weholite Potable Water Tank DN2200 SN2 (150 m3)

In recognition of World Water Week, Plasco Ltd turned their attention to the issue of water conservation in Tanzania because as a country, it is facing a water crisis.

Plasco Limited, one of the leading man­ufacturers of HDPE and UPVC pipes in Tanzania, has invested in the manufactur­ing of Weholite products that include Sew­erage Network Pipelines, Large Capacity Water Tanks, Stormwater Attenuation Tanks, Septic Tanks, Manholes and Cul­verts that are a game-changer in the con­servation of water in Tanzania.

One of the key applications of Weho­lite is the production of Weholite Storage Tanks. Weholite is a sustainable solution – a service life in excess of 100 years when buried – and they promote the conserva­tion of surface runoff and groundwater. With its unique design, the tanks ensure that rainwater can be collected and stored safely, reducing the need for people to rely on groundwater sources for their daily water needs. This, in turn, helps to reduce the depletion of groundwater reserves, which is a significant issue in many parts of Tanzania.

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Weholite Tanks are made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and are designed to be used for both rainwater harvesting and water storage

They are modular in nature which means that the factory-built tanks can store as little as 25000 litres or be assem­bled on site to capacities of tens of millions of litres. They are designed and manufac­tured to site specific conditions and are suitable for both domestic, commercial, and industrial use.

Weholite is an excellent solution for water conservation for a number of rea­sons. It is easy to install and maintain, making it ideal for both urban and rural areas.

Weholite is also durable and can with­stand harsh weather conditions, ensuring that the water stored inside is safe and protected. Additionally, the technology is UV-resistant, guaranteeing that it does not degrade due to prolonged exposure to sunlight. Plasco Ltd recently completed a notable project that has had a significant impact on the community of Dabalo in Dodoma. The project involved the con­struction of a new installation of a new water pipeline, and the refurbishment of existing water infrastructure. The Weho­lite tank, with a capacity of 150,000 liters, was installed to provide additional storage capacity for the area.

The Minister of Water Hon. Jumaa Aweso applauds the initiative taken by Plasco and the company was honored to have him launch the Dabalo Tank in Dodo­ma Chamwino that is of 150,000 liters in volume and took two weeks for installa­tion. In addition, Plasco Ltd General Man­ager, Mr. Ali Gulamhussein, commented, “We are honored to have been a part of this project and to have contributed to the development of Tanzania’s water infra­structure. Weholite is a sustainable solu­tion that will help improve water access and management in the country. We are committed to supporting similar initia­tives in other African countries.”

Plasco Ltd is promoting the installation of rainwater harvesting systems in schools, the private sector, government sectors and other public institutions, where water con­servation is critical. By promoting the use of the Weholite, Plasco Ltd is not only pro­viding a practical solution to water conser­vation but also raising awareness about the importance of sustainable water man­agement practices.

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Plasco Ltd is leading the way in pro­moting the use of this innovative product, and their efforts to install water harvest­ing systems in public and private institu­tions are commendable. By promoting sustainable water management practic­es, we can ensure that future generations have access to the water resources they need to thrive.