Rule of law critical in bringing political stability, says Zanzibar’s first VP

Zanzibar's First Vice President Othman Masoud Othman speaking to US ambassador to Tanzania Michael Battle at his office in Zanzibar.

Unguja. Zanzibar’s First Vice President Othman Masoud Othman, has said that the administration of Justice that meets the principles of law, integrity and accountability, as a great solution to political disagreements on the isles.

Mr Othman was speaking on Tuesday, May 2, at his office in Migombani, during a conversation with the US Ambassador to Tanzania, Mr. Michael Battle who paid him a courtesy call.

He said that the goal can only be achieved by considering the right vision and the good will to bring real reforms in the areas that are most critical in the building and strengthening the rule of law.

According to him the areas include electoral systems, fair courts, Criminal Justice, in line with a goodwill towards bringing political stability.

"The rule of law is everything in bringing political stability and when we agree on that, everything becomes easier in bringing about reconciliation", said Mr. Othman explaining how Zanzibar has encountered political waves since the past and how the reform measures dealt with them.

Mr. Othman added by saying, "political stability is important, it needs to be addressed, through training, professionalism and funding and if necessary to reach and where necessary to reach out to the whole society".

Elaborating on the Government of National Unity (GNU), Mr Othman expressed optimism despite the fact that there is a delay in the implementation of certain issues that are in line with the expectations of many citizens to see a country with lasting peace and not seasonal stability.

Some progress has been made, however people are living between fear and hope due to what happened to them before; that it has been almost two years since this Government (of the Eighth Phase) came to power, at least there are initiatives that show willingness, we have not given up, we continue to press for this in order to build trust and political governance in the country", explained Mr. Othman.

He said that there are situations that have raised hope to a certain extent which include the formation of the  Task Force created by the President of the United Republic of Tanzania, Samia Suluhu Hassan, including those aimed at obtaining Specific Opinions regarding the Political Situation in the islands of Unguja and Pemba.

He has urged the importance of constitutional reforms, for Mainland Tanzania and Zanzibar, saying that often these requirements are taken for political reasons, but it must be understood that Zanzibar cannot violate these requirements, due to the fact that its power, including economic, has been weakening within the Union on a daily basis.

Regarding the bridge connecting Zanzibar to Dar es Salaam, he said that currently it is not a priority for Zanzibari, because there are many basic and urgent needs for the country's economy, including port construction, infrastructure, transportation and access to reliable energy.

On his part, Ambassador Battle expressed his intention to come with his delegation to meet with the leadership on the Islands, including developing relations through trade, investment and understanding of the Government of the National Unity of Zanzibar.

He said that his country is touched by the need for political stability in the country alongside the need for constitutional change