Stakeholders discuss achievements and challenges as Mwinyi marks three years

President Hussein Ali Mwinyi (left) in an interview with Mwananchi Communications Limited's (MCL) managing director, Bakari Machumu, during the Thought Leadership Forum (MTLF) to discuss President Mwinyi's three years in office on Tuesday, October 31, 2023, at the Golden Tulip Zanzibar Airport Hotel. PHOTO | FILE

Zanzibar. Stakeholders have gathered in large numbers here for the Mwananchi Thought Leadership Forum (MTLF), to discuss President Hussein Ali Mwinyi's three years in office, focusing on achievements, opportunities, and challenges.

This event has been jointly organized by Mwananchi Communications Limited (MCL), the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar (RGZ), and the Zanzibar Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC).

Delivering the welcoming remarks during the event taking place on Tuesday, October 31, 2023, at the Golden Tulip Zanzibar Airport Hotel, MCL managing director Bakari Machumu explained that the event emerged from the need to increase Zanzibar's content in MCL’s media platforms.

Subsequent consultations led to the convening of the forum, with an emphasis on expanding coverage of Zanzibar's content, on development, and people's involvement in preserving the history of the Isles, ahead of the 60th-anniversary celebrations of the revolution in January 2024.

Mr Machumu highlighted that MTLF was organized to provide information enabling individuals to identify opportunities and contribute to the formulation of beneficial policies for the public and the government.

"Event journalism accounts for 32 percent of global information dissemination as the world grapples with the rise of digital media, especially social media," he noted.

The theme for the Zanzibar MTLF event is "Three Years of Dr Mwinyi: Achievements, Opportunities, and Challenges." This marks the 14th event since the establishment of MTLF in June 2018, and it is the first one to take place in Zanzibar, according to Mr Machumu.

Additionally, Mr Machumu explained that the forum's slogan aims to enhance collective problem-solving. The event will feature five sub-themes, including the blue economy, infrastructure consolidation, youth and culture, national unity, and the Zanzibar Silicon vision.

The director general of the Zanzibar Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC), Ramadhani Bukini, said: "The event provides an opportunity for government officials to visit ZBC and MCL to share insights on various initiatives implemented during Dr. Hussein Mwinyi's three-year administration."

Mjini Magharibi Regional Commissioner (RC) Idrissa Kitwana Mustafa noted that Zanzibaris have benefited both individually and collectively from Dr Mwinyi's administration through economic empowerment initiatives. Examples include the provision of fishing boats to fishermen and the construction of modern markets. Mustafa added that various other projects are ongoing in different parts of the country, covering education, hygiene, water, infrastructure development, ports, airports, and more.