Monday, September 25, 2017

Lawmaker warns leaders against dividing people along ethnic lines

Handeni MP Omar Kigoda

Handeni MP Omar Kigoda 

By Rajabu Athumani

Local leaders here have been warned against dividing people along the ethnic lines, mainly those targeting the new settlers to the area from the northern regions. Handeni MP Omar Kigoda said during the initiation of 200 youth from the pastoralist Maasai community into adulthood that all Tanzanians should be treated equally irrespective of whether they were new comers from other parts of the country. His warning followed remarks made by the leader of the Maasai community in many villages Laigwanan Lomelk Kusia that nomadic cattle herders have often been isolated from the mainstream development activities because they are considered not indigenous to the area. (Rajabu Athumani)