Friday, January 19, 2018

Education authority orders NGO to pull down altered education syllabi from its website

TIE’s director general,Dr Aneth Komba

TIE’s director general,Dr Aneth Komba 

By Janeth Muhizi @janethmuhizi

The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology through the Tanzania Institute of Education (TIE) has ordered Diraplus, a nongovernmental organization, to pull down the altered education syllabi that it posted on its website.

An advert that TIE published in a section of media outlets on Thursday, January 18, stated that only TIE has the mandate to prepare, develop and publish the syllabi and other school curricula.

By posting the altered syllabi on its website, TIE said, the NGO had violated the country’s laws.

“We order them to pull down the primary and secondary school syllabi they posted on their website immediately. We’ll proceed with more legal measures against the organisation,” said Dr Aneth Komba, who is TIE’s director general.

She said further that TIE would like to inform the education stakeholders and the general public that its education curricula and syllabi for pre-schools, primary schools, secondary schools and teacher training colleges were available at its shop located within TIE Mwenge premises in Dar es Salaam and on its website http:/