Friday, March 16, 2018

Diamond launches ‘A boy From Tandale’ in Nairobi


By Paul Owere

The long awaited launch of Diamond Platinumz’ s sophomore album A Boy from Tandale was finally done this week but it was not in Tanzania.

Instead, the singer chose to launch the 20 track album in Nairobi where he was joined by US rapper Omarion at the red carpet event at the Kenyan Culture Theatre.

This did not go down very well with certain sections of his fun base who felt neglected by the singer.

In his defense Diamond said it was only natural that he chose Kenya to promote the true East African spirit in action.

“Let’s not just talk about the EAC we as citizens have to show this through deeds and not otherwise,” said Diamond.

According to Diamond the new album has some 10 new tracks that will be released for the first time but it also includes other songs such as Nana, Number One, Enneka and Kidogo. “ The main reason why I have included some of these songs is because they have a great contribution in my journey as a musician and there was no way I was going to leave them out,” he said.

The album will be available on several platforms such as Safaricom’s Songa,, iTunes and Spotify.

The album that features nine collaborations will also be available in hard copies at different stores in Dar es Salaam and other cities. The singer is, however, set to launch his works in Dar es Salaam this week where he will hold a listening party as well at a location yet to be named.