Tanzania: RC Mghwira accuses teachers of incompetence

Thursday May 2 2019

Kilimanjaro Regional Commissioner, Ms Anna

Kilimanjaro Regional Commissioner, Ms Anna Mghwira 

By Florah Temba and Yuvenal Theophil @TheCitizenTZ news@tz.nationmedia.com

Moshi. The Kilimanjaro Regional Commissioner, Ms Anna Mghwira has said the fact that some pupils complete standard seven still illiterate means that teachers are not doing their job satisfactorily.

“We have teachers doing their job every weekday. They are even here demanding for salary increases, but they produce pupils-after seven years in class-who can neither read nor write,” Ms Mghwira noted.

Presiding over May Day celebrations in Moshi yesterday called upon teachers to improve the quality of their teaching.

“It is teachers can help Tanzania attain the middle income economic status. But how can we meet this goal when our children are graduating from primary school without knowing how to read and write?” she queried while calling upon teachers to review their performances before claiming for salary increment.

“The government says it will strive to improve teaching conditions but you (teachers) need to change,” she said.

Meanwhile, Ms Mghwira also said she disappointed with service delivery the KCMC Referral Hospital and the Kilimanjaro Regional Referral Hospital.

She said that both hospitals show-cased good services during the May Day exhibitions but the reality on ground was totally different.

“Go to KCMC today, if you do not have a referral letter, you will be sent home without being treated and yet the hospital is supposed to be a public institution because the government is partly carrying the burden of running it,” she said.

“The KCMC hospital care for many patients from inside and outside the country, including tourists, but complaints about high cost of treatment are many, I ask KCMC in front of this gathering to change and improve services,” she added.