Dates set for D’ Salaam junior swimming event

Tuesday January 2 2018

Tanzanian swimmers compete during the Dar

Tanzanian swimmers compete during the Dar Junior Invitational championship at Heaven of Peace Academy (Hopac). PHOTO | MAJUTO OMARY 

By Majuto Omary @majutoy2k

Dar es Salaam. The second edition of Dar es Salaam Swimming Club (DSC) junior swimming championships will now take place from January 26 to 27, the organisers have announced.

The two-days championships for swimmers below 13 years will take place at the Heaven of Peace Academy (Hopac) in the city. Earlier the junior swimming gala was scheduled for December 1-2, last year, but due to unforeseen circumstances beyond organisers’ control.

DSC secretary general Inviolata Itatiro said several reasons were linked to the postponement of the championships.

Inviolata said the event would to bring together more than 200 up-and-coming swimmers. The swimmers will come from various clubs in Mainland Tanzania, Zanzibar and probably from other parts of East Africa.

She explained that athletes would compete in various events categorised according age. The swimmers eligible for the tournament will be between the age of seven and 13.

According to Inviolata, the club had decided to organise the invitational tournament with a view of promoting the sport, besides giving international experience to budding swimmers.

“This is the second edition gala in the country and it’s a continuation of DSC’s mission to raise awareness and promote swimming,” she noted.

She aded; The gala provides a platform to talk about swimming and raise awareness of its values in multiple communication mediums. “For children, parents and guests, who will show up for the gala, it is an exciting event to reinforce affinity to the sport.” The host club started training swimmers in 2007. Inviolata noted that in addition to being a safety training, learning to swim early instilled discipline, built stamina, courage and confidence and most of all fun. “Swimming requires the moving of multiple muscle groups in high intensity resulting in an incredible workout for all ages,” she said.

She noted that trophies would be awarded to top three swimmers in each age group, while medals would be given to the first (gold), second (silver) and the bronze would go to the third finisher. According her, there will also be overall team trophies to be awarded to the best first team, best second team and the best third team.

Certificates will be awarded to the top six finalists in each individual event and the top three in each relay event. All events will be swum on heat declared finals. Inviolata also called on all swimmers to be in the proper age group. She also called sponsors to support them as they were looking for sponsors for the event.