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Avoid online shaming

Saturday November 3 2018

Janet Otieno

Janet Otieno 

By Janet Otieno-Prosper

It has reached a point where we have to say enough is enough! The online shaming of women is rising dangerously.

Explicit videos of socialites and other women have been doing rounds on social media. What drives these women to either decide to record themselves or be recorded is a debate for another day. What is done in the privacy of your bedroom should not become a public affair.

We’ve heard of cases where a couple breaks up then one of them (often the man) resorting to revenge by leaking footages of intimate videos and in most cases the woman’s face is visible for all the world to see.

Remember that whatever goes online remains there almost indefinitely. It is very hard to erase content that goes viral online. Women should uphold themselves to higher standards and always make wise decisions that will not lead to regret in future.

And to those who share such videos online, please be mindful of the effects that the viral video will have to the family members of those involved.

Imagine millions of people across the world watching such and passing judgement.

Don’t let what is done in privacy have devastating and long lasting effects on people’s lives.