Business-to-business digital marketing approaches

Thursday April 18 2019

Benson Mambosho

Benson Mambosho 

We are living in the ever-transforming digital world. An era where business opportunities are endless. While customer needs are expanding, businesses have to adjust to new trends embraced in the digital age.

Business to business (commonly known as B2B) demand business ideas that are well thought and strategic.

B2B customers are people who have unique requirements, their purchasing solutions are for their businesses not for private use. So where do you begin as a marketer or business in B2B?

The first thing is, know your buyer. It’s not easy to market to everyone. You must research intensively and extensively on your target industry.

Go ahead and understand their behaviour, buying habits, price preference, interests, dislikes and pain points to mention a few. Thanks to modern trends, google analytics can offer you an in-depth view of your buyers across the globe.

Understanding your customers will help you to make sound and logical business decisions. Besides data-driven solutions create favorable grounds for business to flourish and invite potential investors.


Your clients or customers need room to engage and know your business. A website will build your credibility and expose your service/product to the public. Moreover, your website must be friendly, interactive and informative.

Each click made by a customer must create the necessary conversion or value. Let’s not forget, the majority of people nowadays are on the ‘go’, therefore it would be convenient for your website to be mobile friendly.

Make every visit from your customer personal. Create automated lead follow up process or emails that feed your niche with valuable info about your business.

Emails connect you and your audience, it promotes your business by sharing new updates, sharing testimonials, offer promotions and eventually increase sales.

To get higher returns on investment (ROI) you can build and maintain list made up of people who visit your business online or subscribed to your newsletter.

Always remember, customers don’t appear from thin air in the digital space. There are people looking for your business out there. You need to create a simple path for them to get to you.

Focus part of your energy investing in search of marketing. The point here is that you need to build your keywords relevant to phases audience use to search for your business.

Content must be tailored to capture online audience attention each time a keyword is activated or a search is made for that particular product or service.

Strengthen your search campaign by deploying an outreach program such as public relations in the online world. Create news articles and journals to amplify your message across the digital space. Give your customers/clients lifetime value while interacting with your business online. Take them through personalized and exciting customer journey.

Customers need personalized guidance in choosing products or services that offer more convenience to their lives. In a fast-moving society driven by enormous data, empowering your buyers with high-quality content and marketing automation will attract more leads and nurture their expectations.

Create multi-channel that sell and communicate with your potential clients. Why don’t you start with social media? One of the quickest ways to engage with everyone and get direct feedback about your business.

Through social media, you can listen and respond to customers feedback, hear their discontents, joy, and view competitor’s actions and most importantly make your marketing strategy evaluation worth a while.

If you serve your customers right on social media, then it is very likely to create a chain of brand loyalists who will recommend your business elsewhere. Your audience can also be the source of creating great educational and inspirational content.