DEAR DIARY: The internet remembers

Saturday June 16 2018

Janet Otieno

Janet Otieno 

By Janet Otieno

Ladies, the internet will indeed remind you about your past. All those things you post online in your moments of anger and craziness might come back to haunt you. This is because internet does not forget.

You might one day delete your social media account altogether but it some creepy fellow might have taken screenshots of it.

Just ask your self this question; will you be happy looking back at what you posted for the whole world to see? Once you have posted a message, you have to remember that history is also being made. Is it something you will like to be remembered about?

Well, it is understandable that internet permeates every facet of modern life and there is nothing wrong about it. By our own conduct and what we share, we create our own persona in public on social media and this can have far reaching implications.

This is why one needs to be extremely careful before laying it bare on the internet. What might have looked exciting to post a few years ago might be a big embarrassment and even devastate your career development and aspirations.