Children enjoy learning how to cook at school

Sunday August 18 2019


By Devotha john

Teaching a child how to cook is not an easy task-unless one is a cooking instructor who does it for a living. It takes patience to teach a child how to use a knife safely, how to wash fruits and vegetables properly and how to follow a recipe without taking shortcuts.

However, the time invested in teaching schoolchildren how to cook is time well spent. It offers a myriad benefits, including boosting confidence, teaching math and science, plus it imparts wisdom on other cultures.

Schoolchildren opened up to Young Citizen on the importance of cooking lessons.

Natasha Ibrahim, a Standard Seven pupil at Mabibo Primary School, says cooking at school as part of extra curriculum activities is a gateway to making children creative in doing house chores.

“I am in a better position to cook chips after learning at school what it takes to make the delicacy.

It will now be easy for me if I am asked to prepare the dish at home,” says Natasha.


Baraka Michael, a Grade Six pupil at Fountain Academy says if children learn how to cook at school, they will be able to avoid eating junk food.

He says through cooking lessons, children get to know which foods are rich in protein, fat, vitamin and that this helps them advise parents to prepare a balanced diet.

“Our parents are busy and rarely come home to cook. So if we are versed with cooking skills, we can prepare our own meals when need be,” says Baraka, adding: “I like chips which I used to buy from a restaurant in our neighbourhood. Now I can cook chips myself at home.”

Neema Seif from St Anne Primary School and a Grade Six pupil says cooking lessons are not all about eating but they prepare one to be a responsible parent in future.

“My mother told me that when I grow up I will have a family of my own and that as a mother I am duty-bound to learn how to cook. For sure, I now love cooking,” she says.

Neema always practices whatever she learns during cookery lessons.