YOUNG CITIZEN: Importance of reading

Sunday November 10 2019


By Elizabeth Tungaraza

Reading books is good for children because it is something that makes children happy, smart and kind. Reading is among the most important fundamental skills children need in order to succeed in school and the rest of their lives.

From books children can gain knowledge. There is knowledge in books which can help a child become a good person.

An English and Literature teacher from Kinyamwezi Secondary School Mr Eric Gamba says it is very important for a child to read books every day because it’s the only way for him or her to learn how to explore the world without physical guidance.

According to Gamba a child will learn to rely on own mind in understanding content of the book, he or she will develop the thinking ability in assumption and imagination.

“A child might learn from the teacher, from his/her own peer but he/she will learn best through books. Not only that but books will help him/her to develop language skills such as the meaning of vocabulary that is new to her/him, pronunciation of some words and how they are used in sentences. Once a child reads more books, he or she will have many vocabulary to use,” he adds.

He insists, books help a child to develop the ability to concentrate on one task. “Instead of roaming around, playing childish games, a child should read books so as to stay calm and concentrate on the reading task,” he notes.


According to researchers by the University of St Louis , when we read, our brain act as if we are actually experiencing the situations we’re reading about.

The brain weaves these situations together with experiences from one’s own life and in doing this actually creates new neural pathways.

A grade 3 pupil at Martin Luther School Dodoma Taliq Wayne reads a chapter of a book every day.

He says this is one of the things which he is supposed to do before he go to sleep. “It is hard but this is what my parents expect me to do every day. After reading a book I am supposed to write a short summary and put it on the table if they come late.

If they are round I always go and tell them what the book is all about. This helps me,” notes the 9 year old from Dodoma