Fun-filled pre-unit graduation ceremony

Sunday December 22 2019


By Devotha John

Talent shows coupled with Maasai songs and traditional dances coloured the Pre-unit graduation ceremony at MariesuvatKinderland Day Care Centre in Boko Dovya Bunju, Dar es Salaam, recently.

Going by the education facility’s motto: Learn, Play and Grow, the Baby class demonstration exhibited the real meaning of the centre’s catch phrase.

Children demonstrated to their parents, among other things, different skills honed in and outside the classroom including, writing, reading, arithmetic and the importance of conserving the environment.

Pre-unit class opened up to Young Citizen on how they celebrated their day, which was full of activities.

Elvina Emmanuel, said her day was nice because she was happy to finish pre-unit unit class and was ready to start Standard One. She really enjoyed singing with her fellow pupils, as she liked most, the presence of her parents at the graduation ceremony.

“Dancing, doing presentations infront of my parents and the guest of honour was fun. Showcasing my drumming talent and other things really made my day,” she told Young Citizen.


Bruno Lamtey enjoyed the class presentation which made him realise he was fit enough to start primary school studies next year.

“At our school we are taught different things, including reading, drawing, life skills, English and Mathematics. Also our teachers are very skilled,” he said.

On her part, Amara Semkiwa enjoyed watching the show depicting how doctors and nurses attend to patients and how they save lives.

“Our day was nice; we danced, baby and middle class pupils performed Yope song by Diamond and Enoko song by Kay Da Ace. It was really a day to remember,” she says.

The school director, Ruth Mollel says the school started with only three pupils in 2017, two teachers, one drive, one cook and a gardener. Today the school has 58 pupils.

“Our school values team spirit, discipline and courtesy, thanks to parents for trusting our services,” she said.