This’ why music training is important to children

Sunday December 10 2017


        Music has positive effects on children and people’s emotion and creativity. When they sing together, they synchronize our breathing and feel more connected.

Music is also an effective, almost magical medium for learning and retaining information, it activates three different centers of the brain at the same time: language, hearing, and rhythmic motor control.

Some parents opt on raising music talents to their children for making them attending Musical classes during holiday and even after classes after knowing that by inducing emotions, it also creates a heightened condition of awareness and mental acuity.

Words paired with music are far easier to retain. As an example, most people can remember the words and meanings of songs we haven’t heard for years.

This week Young Citizen speaks to children who are learning music at Koshumas Training Institute- who say why they find learning music a good thing. Noreen Michael 8 says she likes learning music because it boosts her power to think on a daily basis.

According to her music simply stimulates parts of the brain that are related to reading, math, and emotional development. “Here at KTI we learn, different things including Piano/Keyboard playing, singing, harmony, rhythm, note reading, ear training, composition, ensemble Playing, recorder, the guitar and drum,” she says.

Malpa Dominic 11 says music has that universal language. Regardless of where you are from or what your background, a good melody is something that everyone can enjoy and understand. There must be something behind that is why she has chosen to learn Music.

“I like learning music because it improves our memory at school we learn different subjects so through music it helps us to remember everything we have been taught in school,” says Malpa.

Muhsin Mohamed,6 is good at drumming that’s why he is leaning and taking drums lesson seriously.

“ I really have fun with sticks and hand drumming, so I’m learning basic drum notation while building timing ,listening and coordination skills,” he says.

However Oscar Koshuma, the CEO of Koshumas Training Institute-Raising Musical Talents and an expert on children’s music says he started in 2012, and now has 3 branches located in Mwenge-Mpakani, Kunduchi beach and Oysterbay in Dar es Salaaam.

He says they focused on training children from age levels 3-5 years, 6-8 years, 9-12 years and 13 years –adults.”