Technology now brings work space to your location

Friday August 9 2019


By Devotha John

Unreliable job opportunities have forced youths to venture into seeking mobile slots on websites to generate additional income to the insecure job.

This was said by Edgar Mwampige the Founder and CEO of Worknasi a new startup which brings opportunity to residential and commercial property owners to make income.

“The question of unemployment has different perspectives related to particular social and economic system of a country. Worse still, there is no any standard instrument and mechanisms for measuring the seriousness of joblessness”. He says.

This means mobile opportunities are increasingly in demand. However there are no enough readily available and affordable spaces to work and meet”. He says

Founder talking about Worknasi is an online platform (Web and Mobile App) for searching, exploring, listing, renting, booking and sharing co-working spaces, private full serviced offices, meeting rooms and anything in between work spaces in Africa.

Whether you are looking to list, rent or book a hot desk, private office spaces, open desk, private office room or a meeting room and other available services to transform their work place spaces and start earning addition income.


“With our mobile App, you can easily discover a work place nearby your area by simply opening the App and will automatically locate a nearby co-working space or shared office nearby you. You can instant book or rent the space as per your need whether you want to use it for a day, week or month”. He says.

He says paying for the work spaces or meeting room has been made easy. You can opt to pay by mobile money or card of your choice.

“For the office and meeting room owners, Worknasi is more than just a platform to list your space and go. We give you the tools to help you manage your space/meeting room, communicate with the members of your space and analytics tool to understand the business performance of your space in real time”. He says.

Edgar says after helping people access office spaces and meeting rooms, we connect them with freelancers.

Whether they are corporates, startups or individuals who want to work with professional freelancers across Africa, you can easily find freelancers suitable for your project or you can easily post your projects and receive bids.

He said adding that startup will help people to manage their project easily through your dashboard on their computer or on the go by using our Mobile Application. You can learn more about this on our how it works.

Edgar says he once owned a transporting company whose customers forced him to think of having a reliable office, hinting that in the first place it was a bit hard to convince people to do their work.

“I told my uncle that I miss huge tenders with a lot of money over lack of a reliable office. He responded to my cry and found me a space, thanks to customers who are used to it currently,” he says.

Edgar says he came up with an idea of establishing a platform where people who need office spaces for conference could easily get along with him.

“Job opportunities are slim in our country. This mobile app has come in the hour of need People can use their mobile phones to look for a nearby office spaces, conference meeting and the freelance services,” says Edgar adding….

“Example if you have your own mobile phone and have arrived in Kenya looking for an office, you can switch on our app immediately and find one.”

Edgar says freelance accountants, journalists and any other professionals can easily benefit from the app while seeking job opportunities.

Talking about the challenges, Albert Secha Operation leader and co –founder says since they started the application capital has been their major constraint.

He notes that in the first place it was difficult to operate because they were in need of recruiting members who are competent in information technology.

Secha who is telecom engineering by profession and his co-founder a lawyer says the company has recently addressed the shortage of IT professionals, thanks to colleges that churn out a good number of experts annually.

Edgar says they have been able to soldier on despite the ups and downs for eight solid months, which he finds to be a significant stride.

“Since last year people have been used our application. We now having contract with an international company and they are already open branches in five countries: Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia and Senegal,” says Seche, noting that plans are on the card to expand their services in all over the world but now they started in East and Central Africa.