Hamisa: Diamond impregnated me three times while with Zari

Friday October 16 2020


By The Beat Reporter

Tanzanian model Hamisa Mobetto has sensationally claimed that Bongo Star singer Diamond Platnumz wanted to have a child with her so desperately while dating Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan that he got her pregnant three times.

Mobetto, however, disclosed that they lost the initial two pregnancies before they got their son: third-time lucky! Diamond and Mobetto got a son, Dylan Nasseb, out of wedlock in August 2017.

At the time, the ‘Cheche’ singer was in a relationship with Zari, who was then based in South Africa, and not fully aware of what was going on back in Tanzania. Matters were later laid bare - and it was a public fiasco which led to a nasty break up between Diamond and Zari, with whom he has two children.

The affair with Mobetto weren’t calm either. After the arrival of their baby, Mobetto and Diamond had a nasty fallout - and, at one point, the outgoing model was forced to drag the singer to court for child support.

Recently, in a radio interview, she was asked if Diamond ever asked for a DNA test to ascertain if the boy was indeed his.

“Nadhani katika mtu mwenye uhakika zaidi kuhusu mtoto kuwa ni wake au sio wake ni Diamond, kwa sababu hata kabla sijapata mimba ya Dylan, nilishapata ujauzito wake mara tatu - na ,bahati mbaya, zikaharibika,” Hamisa responded to Wasafi FM’s The Switch Team.


When luck was on their side - and they were blessed with a baby boy - Diamond asked for a DNA test to ascertain whether he is the father.

According to Mobetto, an appointment was set with a doctor upon Diamond’s request. “He arranged everything and asked me whether the baby would be available for the DNA. It was on weekday; but I agreed to do it anyway, and informed him that the baby would have to miss school on that day,” narrates Mobetto.

She continued, “But, on the day of the appointment, I tried to call him. But he wasn’t responding. I even texted him; but I didn’t receive a reply.”

The DNA test did take place on the second appointment, and it was determined that Diamond is indeed the father of the child. “While we were on our way to the doctor I could sense that he felt bad for making me do the test,” said Mobetto. “In all my life, I’ve never been unfaithful. I cannot cheat on the man I’m with. Even after I break up with someone, I cannot get in another relationship until I’m completely certain that I’ve overcome my feelings for my ex,” said Mobetto.

Before the DNA issue had even surfaced, it was already a rocky start to parenthood for the two. When reports emerged that Mobetto was expecting Diamond’s baby, the bongo flava star was quick to refute them, ostensibly in an attempt to save his relationship with Zari.

He eventually owned up that he indeed cheated on Zari and sired a child with Mobetto.

The singer even vowed he would do anything to salvage his four-year relationship with Zari before she eventually put to an end their turbulent relationship on Valentine’s Day in 2018.