Lyrical beast ‘Rosa Ree’ topping the game

Friday January 26 2018


By Mpoki Thomson

        One of the top artistes at the moment in Tanzania’s music game is a raw talent whose rise to fame in hip hop has been nothing short of amazing. Rosary Robert a.k.a Rosa Ree speaks to The Beat

1. Tell us about your journey in the music industry

I began to love music when I was very little and seeing this, my family did whatever it took to make sure my talent grew to what it is today.

2. How would you describe your persona?

Rosa Ree is Real, Raw and brutally honest. Besides all that she’s focused, she knows what she wants and goes for it no matter what! Basically I got my goals straight!!

3. Why hip hop?

Hip hop is the type of music someone can use to express their feelings/emotions or their experiences in life generally. As opposed to other genres where you could sing about love when you’re not really in love! So basically to me, music is a medium of communicating emotions, experiences and message to the people and that’s what Hip Hop is all about!

4. What are some of the biggest obstacles you’ve had to overcome to reach where you are at?

When I first started the game many people told me I couldn’t do it mostly because I’m a woman! Being undermined because of my gender is something that weighed heavily on me and if I wasn’t strong enough I’d give up easy! I’m also blessed to have a supportive family, they really gave me strength! I was also able to convert my emotions (anger, stress) into energy and proved people wrong with my first single “One Time”. To me negativity is always motivation to become better!

5. What are your thoughts on the current state of the game?

I feel the game needs growth! There are definitely a couple of artists who are putting our industry on a good level but many fear to step outside the box. I believe if we all together put strength in this, Tanzanian music will reach a very high level!

6. Even though we do not have that many female hip hop artists, how do you separate yourself from the rest?

I don’t believe I need to struggle to “separate myself”. All I do is BE myself! And to be completely blunt there’s no one who can be Rosa Ree better than Rosa Ree herself!!!

7. Would it be an overreach saying you’re the top female artist at the moment, or do you embrace the title?

I don’t work for titles. But if that’s what people say, cool.

8. Why do you think female hip hop artists don’t do as well as their male counterparts in Tanzanian music, and how do you plan to be different?

Being a woman and in this industry I have learnt there’s a lot of challenges especially when doing this very genre (Hip Hop). I presume most female MC’s in the past lacked perseverance for this. But I generally plan to change the perspective of the society and my fellow women about it!

9. Why did you leave The Industry?

I did not leave the Industry; our contract came to an end!

10. You’re now under Wanene entertainment; tell us what it’s like to work under a new record label

I am NOT under Wanene. I’m an Independent Artist!

11. You’ve done hits with Khaligraph Jones from Kenya and OMG from Tanzania; what was it like working with these two different sets of artistes?

I always work with people I vibe with. Mostly through the music. And it’s simply just beautiful!

12. Who influenced your style?

I’m just being Me! I’m Original!

13. Who do you want to work with in the future?

There’s a lot of people I wish to work with listing them down could take all day, and some I’ve worked with already. So just stay tuned!