Rita Paulsen: From BSS to television show

Friday November 17 2017

Rita Paulsen

Rita Paulsen 

By Paul Owere

Rita Paulsen made history when she came up with a talent search show Bongo Star Search, one that has shaped many music careers in the country, She has since moved on to another self titled TV show that airs on Azam TV weekly. This week the beat caught up with her for a chat.

It has been a year without Bongo Star Search, does this mean that you have abandoned the show?

No not really, and I think it is unthinkable that I can do such a thing. It was a collective decision that I and those who are close to Bongo Star Search made because we wanted to give it a break and created some demand with the hope that when it returns it will come back with a bang! There has been several creative issues that have been going on to give the show a new direction and I think you should expect to hear from us early next year.

When you look back at the 10 years of BSS do you have any regrets?

I really don’t have any regrets whatsoever because it is something that I started from scratch and still went on to become one of the most watched shows by young people across the region.

What is your take on the first season The Rita Paulsen Show?

The show has done so well making it one of the best local content that is available on TV as opposed to what it was then. People are learning so many things and in the process changing people’s lives. As a production team we, too, have learnt our lessons and we hope that the next season is even going to be better for us and the viewers too.

Can you confidently say you have achieved your objectives?

I must say that I didn’t expect it to grow the way it has and the positive reviews that it has been getting. As a producer this is rather dangerous because it lifts the bar slightly higher which means today’s success is often tomorrow’s challenges, but it is one that we are ready to live with.

What is the difference between the Rita Paulsen at BSS and the one at the TV Show?

It is the character that I carried from BSS that I took to the Rita Paulsen show and I think when the show was launched it came just at the right time after doing BSS for a very long time. Ordinarily it would have been very difficult for me to break through and gain the kind of acceptance that I have without that background.

It gives me great satisfaction because this is what I always wanted to do and I think by the way it has gone I still have room to come up with another show.

What should the audience look forward to in the second season?

There is plenty coming up, we are trying to empower people to make them realise that there is a lot that that they can achieve. Without saying much I have to say that the show promises to bring to people’s living rooms how people have made it in the face of adversity.