Man jailed in Kilimanjaro for digging a grave

Friday May 24 2019


By Bahati Chume @TheCitizenTZ

Siha. The Siha District Court in Kilimanajaro Region has jailed Joseph Laizer,28, a farmer for six months after he was found guilty of digging a grave without a permit.
The court’s Magistrate- in-Charge, Jasmine Abdul, found the accused at fault after he entered a guilty plea.
“The accused has confessed to having committed the offence, therefore, the court is sentencing him to serve six months in jail,” the magistrate told the court.
Earlier, Prosecutor Simoni Feo told the court that the accused had illegally committed the offence on May 16, 2019 at about 8pm of digging out a grave of one Sharon Oitaga Laizer without a permit from the relevant authority. The deceased is said to have been buried almost three years ago.
The charge sheet was read out to the accused, who was charged with being uncivilized under section 127 of penal code as revised in 2002
The prosecutor asked the court to mete out severe punishment against the accused to serve as a lesson to him and others, telling court that the action he did would not only have endangered his life, but also it would have affected other people’s faiths.