Covid-19: No evidence whether traditional remedies can cure, experts say

Friday May 15 2020


By Jacob Mosenda @Jmosenda

Dar es Salaam. Experts have said that there is no proof whether traditional remedies can cure the novel coronavirus or otherwise.
While speaking on Thursday night May 14, 2020 during the sixth edition of the Mwananchi Thought Leadership Forum (MTLF) under the theme ‘Surviving Covid-19 and Beyond’ the director, institute of Traditional Medicine Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences, Dr Joseph Otieno said that studies were underway.
“There are studies going on about this natural remedy that will be released soon,” he said, adding, “at this point what should be known is about the correct way of conducting self-medication using alternative remedies.”
He said that even after suggesting to the public on the type of traditional remedy that should be used, people have continued to self-medicate without following advice offered by experts.
“I thank God for putting herbs in plants, but people are now using other herbs that may cause problems. It is good for people to follow the instructions given by medical experts. This will help us as we wait for the research that will offer proper guidance to the public,” advised Dr Otieno.
He insisted that people should always take balanced diet to boost their immune systems warning that some of the recommended remedies such as ginger and garlic, should not be used by those with gull stones, pregnant mothers, and those who were scheduled to undergo operation.
“Also patients with heart disease, asthma, children under seven years and people with epilepsy should not use these natural remedies as per now,” he warned.
Dr Elisha Osati, president of Medical Association of Tanzania, on the other hand insisted on the proper procedures on the use of natural remedies to prevent other serious health effects.
“This is the time the anti-Covid-19 committees should come up with guidelines to avoid further harm to the community,” he said.

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