Wema Sepetu: I have lost weight because I wanted to

Tuesday February 25 2020


Dar es Salaam. Tanzania’s former beauty Queen Wema Sepetu has reacted to the speculations about her health following her drastic weight loss.

Her fans have been trying to explain the weight loss, with some even suggesting that she could be ailing, something that Wema responded to by taking  HIV test live online just to prove that she is okay.

But even with that, many are not yet satisfied.

In a recent press conference during the launch of her latest film, the subject emerged again.

“ There is no doubt health is everything in life but these days you look slim compared to what people were used to , causing lots of questions. Please tell us the secret,” one journalist posed during the event.

A smiling Wema quickly responded: “I am fit, I am not suffering from anything. The body that you see today is the one I have always craved for.”


She went on to add that her current slim body size is what got her famous when she contested for Miss Tanzania and won in 2006.

“People knew me as Miss Tanzania with this kind of body size and shape then I gained weight, then they got used to me and they started saying I am over weight. I think there will come a point when they will get used to it,” she said.

Wema insists she is comfortable with her current self, saying he drastic weight loss is as a result of dieting, taking medicine and starving just to attain what she termed as ‘English-figure’.