TTB explains why tourism was quick to rebound after pandemic

Monday September 28 2020

Foreign tourists at Serengeti National Park.

Foreign tourists at Serengeti National Park. PHOTO | FILE 

By Rosemary Mirondo

Dar es Salaam. The Tanzania Tourist Board (TTB) has said it adhered to all the required guidelines in the tourism industry that lead to Tanzania acquiring the safe Travel Stamp ahead of many other tourist destinations.
TTB Director of Marketing, Mindu Kasiga said this over the weekend during the Mwananchi Thought Leadership Forum (MTLF) which was held under the theme ‘Strengthening Tourism after Post Covid-19’
According to her despite the challenges, they translated the world guidelines to fit Tanzania’s situation through washing hands with soap to ensure safety of tourists that enter the country.
“We were the sixth to get the stamp after we had already opened our skies while other countries were still under lockdown,” she stressed.
She further said they have been launching different films that advertise the country as a tourist destination showing different tourist attractions that Tanzania is endowed with.
“We are confident that we have done our work by advertising the many tourist attractions that we have  including  national parks, heritage, beaches, Mt Kilimanjaro among many others that have attracted tourists to continue arriving in the country”, she said.
She noted that through the Tanzania Safari channel aired by TBC has also gone a long way in advertising the country’s tourist attraction.
On his part, the Director General Ayubu Rioba for the Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation (TBC) said it is in talks with China and India for transfer of geographical programmes to its Tanzania Safari channel that is currently being aired in a number of television stations in the country.
Explaining he said the journey that started in 2017 saw the Safari Channel being launched in 2018. He noted that the channel is currently found in the continental decorder number 31, Azam number 109 DSTV 292 among others.
“We have been able to promote our tourist attractions to the world and now they understand that Mt Kilimanjaro, Serengeti are found in Tanzania,” he said.
He noted that it was not easy to start the channel especially taking into consideration that in Africa only South Africa had such an initiative and therefore had to go up to China and India to gain experience.