US State Department calls for investigation into poll irregularities

Tuesday November 03 2020
state pic

People queue to vote in Tanzania's election on October 28, 2020. Photo by Ericky Boniphace

Dar es Salaam. The US State Department has called on authorities in Tanzania to investigate allegations of irregularities and violence by security forces and ensure that all political actors have access to legal institutions to peacefully address electoral disputes.

They have further called on restraint by all parties and peaceful resolution of any dispute.

In a statement, Cale Brown  the Deputy Spokesperson commended the Tanzanian people for attempting to exercise their right to vote in the October 28, general elections.

However, he says the US remains deeply concerned by credible report of significant and widespread irregularities, internet interruption, arrest and violence by security forces both in mainland Tanzania and Zanzibar.

“We call on the government of Tanzania to uphold the human rights and fundamental freedoms of all, including their freedom of expression and right of peaceful assembly, and to promote internet freedom and to ensure that all those arrested during demonstrations are afforded all applicable procedural safeguards,” he said.

He said the US, in coordination with partners will consider actions including visa restrictions, as appropriate to hold accountable those found to be responsible for human rights abuses and interference in the election process.


“The Tanzanian people like people everywhere deserve transparent and accountable governance, equal treatment under the law and the ability to exercise their rights without fear or retribution,” he said..

Adding, “Achieving our shared goals and furthering our bilateral relationship will require ensuring that all stakeholders are represented and can fully exercise their roles in Tanzania’s democracy.”