CRDB Insurance Broker; a growth blueprint to follow in the market

CRDB Insurance Broker; a growth blueprint to follow in the market

We have been into business for over 10 years as an insurance provider having presence in more than 250 sales points in Tanzania

Innovation is of great advantage when it comes to attracting large number of insurance policy holders.

This is what CRDB Insurance Brokers boast of as they aspire to set apart their brand from the rest.

Untold truth is, CRDB Insurance Broker has gone extra mile to cover for things that to a great extent is taken for granted such as mobile phones and money. They are easier to lose but yet worthwhile in our day-to-day lives.

Prior to the marking of Insurance Day, on 26th September, CRDB Insurance Broker General Manager, Mr. Arthur Mosha, spoke to The Citizen where he explained company’s profile, services and solutions offered to the community.

Who is CRDB Insurance Broker?

CRDB Insurance Broker is a subsidiary of the CRDB Bank Group, one of the largest financial institutions in Tanzania. CRDB Insurance Broker is among the largest and prominent brokers in the insurance industry.

We have been into business for over 10 years as an insurance provider having presence in more than 250 sales points in Tanzania. We focus on providing innovative insurance solutions that caters to the requirement of our clients from the lowest to the highest income earners. Advanced modern technology is used in offering our services.

What does CRDB Insurance Broker do?

CRDB Insurance Broker brings expertise at our customer’s disposal by executing different roles for the benefit of our esteemed customers. These roles are such as; preparing and analyzing clients’ information for insurers to obtain best suited insurance coverage on behalf of our esteemed customers.

We also provide advisory services on risk management on how to mitigate risks and we do a detailed risk assessment and analysis thereafter we provide our professional feedback and suggest solutions as per the risk assessed. Furthermore, we arrange competitive solutions and terms for policies to cover our customer’s assets and operations against unforeseen risks or events.

We provide specific advice on policy coverage highlighting potential impact of particular policy exclusions, coverage gaps and claims conditions. We further arrange for agreement of any necessary amendments during the insurance year, if required, and provide complete guidance in claims management to the final point at which our customers are fully indemnified and fully satisfied.

What CRDB Insurance Broker aspires in the Tanzanian Insurance market?

CRDB Insurance Broker aspires to continue providing insurance solutions to every family and business in Tanzania by creating awareness, revelation on importance of insurance, identification of associated risk, provide advice to mitigate the risk, providing convenience with tailored insurance solutions, and in the end to make sure every family and business in Tanzania acquires peace of mind by transferring their risks to insurance companies with a help or guidance from CRDB Insurance Broker.

What makes CRDB Insurance Broker a strong brand?

CRDB Insurance Broker is one of the strongest brands in Tanzania based on trust from customers, professionalism, expertise, flexibility, passion, integrity, innovation, loyalty and quality of services. We partner with the all prominent insurance companies in the industry who are ready so service our clients.

Why should customers choose CRDB Insurance Broker?

We encourage customers to choose CRDB Insurance Broker because of the below unique values we give to our esteemed customers. We follow our customers that means easy accessibility through more than 250 touch points (CRDB Bank branches), provide professional guidance in retaliation to risk management including insurance, we use best technology to service our client, claim is our most priority in assisting our clients at all points, if any of client have any premium issue we assist them thorough our Parent company (CRDB Bank Plc) through Insurance Premium Financing.

What are the solutions you provide to the community?

Based on the nature of our clients business we have comprehensive solutions for all your insurance needs covering Property Insurance, Liability Insurance, Medical Insurance and Life Insurance solutions.