Liaison Tanzania Limited: The Top 100 experience makes us want more

Liaison Tanzania Limited: The Top 100 experience makes us want more

The company boasts of over 16 years’ experience working in Tanzania in the insurance sector which officially began in 2003 to date.

Making it to the Top 100 Mid-sized companies list is a huge success for any company.

It’s worthy as it provides a company with the same benefits as what the top three winners entitled to, of making the most of Top 100 Mid-Sized Companies’ logo for whole year.

The leverage on the Top 100 logo guarantees the winning companies a continued trust, credibility that strongly enhances commercial ties between the company and its clients.

Liaison Tanzania Ltd was positioned at 84 at its first participation in the survey. This should be the beginning of their growth journey as they look forward to connect with other sector players.

Liaison Tanzania Ltd General Manager, Okoth Oloo shares the experience garnered from this year’s event and what the future holds.

About Liaison Tanzania Limited

Liaison Tanzania Ltd is a limited company by shares which 100 per cent adheres to Tanzania Companies Act under BRELA. It operates in shareholding through the pattern of 49/51. It is an Insurance brokerage company offering various insurance products and service; but also undertakes serious consultancy roles to its esteemed customers in the areas of Risk & Insurance Management, Healthcare, Pension and, Investment.

Through a comprehensive suite of service offerings,  Liaison  Group  is  wholly  and exclusively engaged in supporting its clients in  building  and  maintaining  robust  risk management and internal control structures. The value we create is driven through by the personal determination of our highly motivated and skilled staff in Africa. At Liaison Tanzania we pride ourselves on our ability to provide a service built on expertise, responsiveness to clients’ needs and credibility in our business.

The company boasts of over 16 years’ experience working in Tanzania in the insurance sector which officially began in 2003 to date.

The market overview is magnificent, however, crippled by a number of challenges such as constant changes that include Government regulations that adversely affect vibrancy of the insurance market unlike in the past.

This exerts so much pressure towards key players to dance to the tunes for them to continue existing in the market.


At Liaison, service provision have been segmented into four key areas; which are:-

Risk & Insurance

Liaison Group has been at the forefront in providing bespoke Risk & Insurance solutions across all sectors of the economy. We pride ourselves in administration of insurance programs ranging from Human Capital (Group Life, Credit Life, Mortgage, Assets (Property, Casualty, Financial, Automobile, Marine and Aviation). Our Risk Advisory extends to Hospitality in partnership with SATIB and eBancassurance for the banking sector. We also provide Reinsurance Broking (Facultative Treaty and Special Projects). At Liaison Group we take care of your risks and grow with you.

Pension consulting

Liaison Financial Services Ltd is a leading independent provider of pension’s schemes administration and pension consultancy in Africa. Liaison Financial Services is an innovator in the retirement benefits space, and a licensed provider of a wide-ranging set of employee benefits solutions. Our passionate professional Team of experienced experts offers the best scheme administration and consulting services across a broad spectrum of clients.


Liaison Investment Advisory is part of Liaison Group. We are licensed by Capital Markets Authorities across Africa to provide investment advisory on Asset-Based Securities (ABS), Municipal Development Bonds (MUNI BONDS) and Consumer lending solutions. Our investment business is also involved in Infrastructure and ICT investment across Africa.


Liaison Healthcare Limited is a Medical Scheme Administration and Consultancy wing of Liaison Group (I.B) Limited. We are dedicated in providing independent, professional and affordable Medical insurance Services to all our clients; Corporate or Individual at equal measure. We believe in “Health is Wealth” in our service delivery.

We have administered medical insurance covers and consultancy services to many clients with diverse needs as per their locations and occupation.

Our long-standing involvement in market has provided us with an in-depth understanding of the socio-economic changes that has affected medical schemes all over the Larger East African Region.

Our Core Business

We have a rich experience in Medical/Health Insurance Consultancy and Administration in:

a) Corporate Schemes

·       Insured Medical Scheme

·       Self-funded Medical Scheme

·       Hybrid Medical Scheme

Individual Medical Cover

Our distinction in services delivery to our Clients/ Customer.

Our core values

Company core values have been categorized into three lines; these are:-


Through our expertise, and talent pool, we think critically of how we can make an impact to your business, making it more secure.


We build on relationships, as we seek to understand your business, where you are and what you aim to achieve.


We seek to build continuous innovation, with the aim of making you more relevant into the foreseeable future.

Top 100 awards experience in 2019

“This is our first time taking part in the Top 100 Mid-sized companies’ survey and we are fortunate to feature along diverse key sectors players across the country. The competition was stiff considering that to feature among Top 100 it was hard knocks. As a new entrant, the survey gives us hope that our contributions had been recognized in some way or another,” General Manager, Okoth Oloo said.

“We are very delighted that to be positioned at 84 out of Top 100 Mid-sized companies at our very first participation. We are proud of ourselves that at least we tried our best and this directly helps to build confidence of wanting to come back for more,” He added.

Key factors

Our desire to participate in the survey is not only to win trophies but to explore our contribution significantly to the growth of country’s GDP. This is based on the fact that private sector is one of the major contributors of this country’s growth.

Thanks to the Top 100 survey that that brought various players together and dredge up “Who is doing what? Where? and their contributions to the country’s economic growth” and hence our very first participation in the Top 100 Mid-sized companies’ survey.

Benefits of the survey

I believe Top 100 like any other events has a galore of benefits to offer; and in our case, it brings our company to the fore with some reports from clients heaping praises on our recent presence.

The survey also sets high standards for us to walk through picking up where we left last time.

Our credibility is surely set to heighten and our board is very impressed with this milestone and we are looking to continue participating in this survey in future.

Lesson derived from Top 100

We have learnt that it doesn’t come easy; you need to invest in hard work to make it to the top spot.

Another lesson is that, being among the Top 100 Mid-sized companies doesn’t mean you are a way too far better than any other.  Everyone possesses an equal chance to become the best company in their very peculiar fragments.

Areas of improvements

I would suggest that organizers of this survey, (KPMG and The Citizen, a product of Mwananchi Communication Limited) to share openly the historical background of the Top 100 survey to the new entrants so they understand its origin from the very first winners all the way to recent records of the event.

There is a dire need to make consistent follow-ups on the development of the historical Top 100 winners on yearly basis (from where they began to how far they have fared). This is one of the best ways to appeal and reach out to new participants.

Secondly, an intensive publicity of the campaign is very important. Sometimes, we face limited number of participants because of lesser efforts on publicizing Top 100 survey.  With the courtesy of media convergences and multimedia, Top 100 Mid-sized companies’ survey deserved such tremendous publicity to attract as many participants as possible.

Third, they should ease terms and conditions for one to apply. Making stringent prerequisites would mount to fear and unwillingness to take part in the survey than having it in a very friendly and participatory approach.

Strategies for coming editions

We have decided to participate at future surveys with the aim of becoming first winners on the forthcoming Top 100 survey editions.