How a lecturer and MC is changing the game of event hosting

What you need to know:

  • Beyond awards, my greatest achievement is the positive feedback and trust from clients who continually seek my services for their significant events.

In a society where being an MC is often viewed as a job for those naturally gifted in public speaking, Reuben Ndimbo stands out as a unique blend of academic rigour and vibrant event hosting.

Famously known as MC Ndimbo, Reuben is a lecturer at the Dar es Salaam University College of Education, where he serves in the Department of Languages.

Beyond his academic role, the father of four has built an impressive career as an MC, earning accolades for his exceptional skills in hosting events.

This unique blend of academia and event hosting highlights Reuben’s versatility and dedication, making him a respected figure in both fields.

Balancing his dual roles as a lecturer and an MC, Reuben challenges the conventional perception of what it means to be a successful MC.

His journey from hosting small family events to receiving national awards showcases his passion, dedication, and exceptional skill set. MC Ndimbo's journey as an MC began in 2000, driven by his love for public speaking and engaging with audiences.

Over two decades, he has not only honed his skills but also built a reputation for himself in the competitive industry. His big break came when he started hosting larger corporate and social events, and his recognition peaked when he made it to the Consumer Choice Awards nominee list for the Best MC of the Year in 2019. He was again nominated in the same category in 2020 and 2021.

In 2023 and 2024, he was recognised as the Wedding MC of the Year by the Harusi Awards.

"The recognition and awards I've received reaffirm my dedication to this craft. The support from my family and the desire to set a positive example for my children drive me to persist and excel in this career," MC Ndimbo says.

According to him, these honours reflect the hard work and dedication he has poured into his career over the years.

“Beyond awards, my greatest achievement is the positive feedback and trust from clients who continually seek my services for their significant events," he says.

MC Ndimbo has hosted local and international high-profile social and corporate events attended by influential people from all spheres of life.

Additionally, he has written a book titled "Maandalizi Thabiti ya Mshereheshaji Mahiri." He also teaches aspiring MCs how to master public speaking and become outstanding MCs.

MC Ndimbo’s journey has not been without its challenges. Gaining credibility and building a client base in the early years was tough, given the fierce competition in the field.

Balancing his time between his career as a lecturer and an MC and personal commitments, especially with a growing family, has also been challenging. He also recalls dealing with difficult clients and managing unexpected technical issues during events.

However, MC Ndimbo says that these challenges have taught him resilience and adaptability. "Each challenge has taught me resilience and adaptability, which are crucial in this profession," MC Ndimbo reflects.

Despite the hurdles, his passion for public speaking and the joy he derives from engaging with diverse audiences keep him motivated.

"My passion for public speaking and the joy I derive from engaging with diverse audiences keep me motivated. The satisfaction of orchestrating an event where people leave with smiles and lasting memories is unparalleled. This is why my team and I are well known as Team Kadansee," he shares.

Balancing his dual roles as a lecturer and an MC requires meticulous time management and prioritisation. His academic commitments demand thorough preparation and dedication, while emceeing requires flexibility and creativity.

MC Ndimbo meticulously plans his schedule to ensure he meets his responsibilities in both areas without compromising quality.

"The challenge lies in switching between the structured environment of academia and the dynamic nature of event hosting, but this diversity keeps my professional life exciting and fulfilling," he explains.

MC Ndimbo says he is passionate about changing the perception of emceeing from being merely a speaking talent to a respectable and viable profession.

The enthusiastic MC and lecturer approaches event hosting with the same rigour and professionalism as his academic work. He encourages young people to view their talents as careers that can coexist with academic and other professional pursuits.

"I encourage young people to view their talents as I view my emceeing as a viable and respectable profession that can coexist with academic and other professional pursuits. It's about leveraging your communication skills, understanding the audience, and delivering an unforgettable experience," he advises.

To young aspiring MCs, Ndimbo offers some valuable advice: "Be passionate about what you do and constantly seek opportunities to improve. Build your brand through consistent quality and professionalism. Networking is crucial—connect with other professionals and seek mentorship. Embrace feedback, both positive and constructive, as it is vital for growth. Lastly, be resilient and patient; success in this field comes with time and dedication."

He goes on to say that one aspect often overlooked in event hosting is the importance of emotional intelligence. He says understanding and responding to the audience's mood can make or break an event.

Ndimbo notes that behind-the-scenes preparation is critical. He says knowing the event's flow, the client's expectations, and having contingency plans for unexpected situations are vital.

“Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is also essential to sustaining long-term success and personal well-being in this demanding career,” he concludes.