Ugandan blogger arrested in Turkey faces 15 charges

Turkey-based Ugandan blogger and government critic, Mr Fred Lumbuye. PHOTO/ COURTESY

Turkey-based Ugandan blogger and government critic, Mr Fred Lumbuye is being investigated on 15 different case files by Ugandan authorities following his arrest in Turkey last week, police have said.
The charges, according to police spokesperson, Mr Fred Enanga, include spreading harmful propaganda, inciting the public to protest by sharing videos on his platform, among other cyber related crimes.
Mr Enanga told journalists in Kampala on Monday that although Mr Lumbuye is not yet in their custody, they have the files ready as soon as he’s handed over to them.
“Until he’s handed over to the police we shall come up with a statement indicating details of the allegations against him, the status of the investigations against him, among others. So that’s where our boundary is. Whether he’s in the country or not yet in the country our interest as police is that once he is handed over to the police we shall process him along these 15 case files that we have opened against him. I want us to be very clear with that,” Mr Enanga said.
Asked on Mr Lumbuye’s whereabouts, Mr Enanga said “If he’s not in our hands, how do you expect us to come out and tell the public where he is? The police is a very respected institution and we’re going to wait until he’s handed over to us,” Mr Enanga added as he addressed journalist during the weekly police press briefing