Harmonize steps out with new girlfriend

Sunday February 14 2021
Harmonize pic
By Agencies

I’m starting to believe that marriages are not as serious as our parents, grandparents and great grand parents try to make us believe. This is because most celebrity marriages seem to end as soon as they started. With no notice!

So far we have seen likes of Willis Raburu, Shilole among others separate barely 5 years after settling down. Well, the latest victim is Harmonize and Sarah who confirmed their break up late last year.

According to reports, pride is the main reason singer Harmonize left his Caucasian wife, Sarah Michelloti; who also allegedly made the situation worse by exposing Harmonize for being sterile. Wrong and bad move!

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Harmonize moving on


With such stories making rounds on most local tabloids in East Africa; Harmonize decided to hit back by replacing his ex wife with a much older lady, actress Kajala Masanga.

For weeks these two have been linked together; but Kajala kept denying until earlier today when Harmonize came clean about their relationship.

Judging from the series of photos shared by the Konde Gang CEO – it’s clear that Kajala will no longer stay hidden; and since she also helps out with Harmonize’s daughter – then what more could he ask for?

Anyway below are the photos that have left many on social media talking about Harmonize and new lover, Kajala.