Diamond Platinumz now claims he first met his father in 2000

Friday January 29 2021
Diamond pic
By The Citizen Reporter

Dar es Salaam. The story of Diamond Platnumz’s real father is one that has been gripping in social media circles for close to three weeks now after his mother revealed that Abdul Juma was not his biological father.

In another twist, the singer yesterday revealed that he first met his real father Salum Iddi Nyange sometime in 2000 as an 11-year-old lad.

By then he says his mother and Abdul Juma had separated and they were living in Tandale near where Mr Nyange was conducting his business as a vendor at the neighbourhood market.

“She told me that at that time my father was selling rice at Tandale market. When I arrived at the market I met him and told him that I had been instructed that he was my father and he gave me rice and Sh200.”

"At that time he was not close to my mother so it became my routine and I would always go there to see him a situation that led for the two to restore relations," said Diamond.

He says that he was later taken to Kariakoo where he met with his other relatives including Ricardo Momo and Iddy Santus and they lived together in harmony.


He said when he was older he realized that those were his relatives because they were compatible and noted that he had never lived with the artist Queen Darlin who is the daughter of Mzee Abdul.

He says that despite having known his real father at that age, he never discussed the issue with his mother not until some four months ago.

“ It was something that indeed baffled me for a long time and as you know I could not have asked her who my real father was,” he said.